[BOOK SERIES] The Kingdom Chronicles - Newborn Discoveries - FIRST CHAPTER LIVE

Started by DisneyManiac, April 25, 2015, 07:28:00 PM

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So there is this thing I am working on...

It's inspired by the events of Kingdom Keepers, a book series I highly recommend.

So it is completely fan-made and kind of a fan-fiction as well.

The Kingdom Chronicles follows the old Disney Legend of a series of ancient books that each hold the magic to every Disney Kingdom on Planet Earth alone. It's existence began by a personal request from Walt Disney himself before he passed away, to create a series of books on every single Magic Kingdom that was built after his passing, they would be updated regularly in case an attraction was closed and replaced with another or other similar circumstances. The books would hold the magic that would bring any attraction or area alive in the vicinity.

But decades after the chronicles's existence began, the volumes themselves have gone into hiding after a dangerous and minacious assembly threaten to purloin the chronicles for evil-doing and possibly to end the Disney Magic once and for all.


The Latest: I am currently finishing off the very first chapter of the first book, Newborn Discoveries. The book series will be made with Booktrack, so whilst you are reading a soundtrack will be playing to make the experience even more interesting.

Before I begin to share the series, I have an important document to show you to help set the scene...


The important document I was talking about, it's displayed below.

The Prologue is now live, go onto Booktrack.com and search The Kingdom Chronicles - Newborn Discoveries, it's by me DisneyManiac. Enjoy and please feedback :)

EDIT: You'll need Google Chrome to view my Booktrack, in case you are browsing of Internet Explorer.