What's the best place to meet Characters (in an orderly fashion)

Started by itslizi, July 01, 2014, 01:55:09 PM

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I was there last week and saw (and had photos taken with) loads of characters - they all had CMs with them and all the queues were orderly.  These are my favourite photos :-)

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Lovely photos!!! :) so glad they've finally implemented a que for characters my son never stood a chance (being in a wheelchair) he wasn't even able to see the characters let alone have a photo with any. Only thing that ever made my blood boil here. We're going in 5 days and we will happily que for our turn :)


Thanks so much you two  :D  Meeting the characters was such great fun and loads of adults without kids had photos taken  ;)with them. I suspect the chacters and CMs were pleased that the adults joined in as much as the kids. Hook and Smee were really funny, messing about with everyone  :D  I only saw those 2 by chance. I'd just been wandering around Adventure Isle, was strolling to Fantasy Land to go on Peter Pan and saw them so I joined the queue  ;)

Queen Elsa

We were there last week and kept missing the characters. We ate in Cafe Mickey twice and booked at the princess pavilion twice so we were guaranteed meets. Other than that we arrived as they were leaving except Buzz Lightyear and Chip n Dale . It was our first time there so we weren't too bothered as there was so much more to do but when we go next year I will be on character hunt! Haha