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Started by DisneyManiac, June 18, 2014, 08:34:22 PM

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So just wondering as I won't see Tower of Terror lit-up at night in the park, I was wondering if you can see the hotel alight from the area that is between the 2 parks and Disney Village or will the lights be off?


Hello there, yes they keep Tower of Terror lit-up at night after closing, it looks fab.  I do think its a shame that the studios shuts so early in the summer.  We never really hang around until closing in the studios but I think this summer we will make a point of going back in a couple of hours before closing just to take in the atmosphere  :) :) :)

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Yep you can see it in the pathways outside the parks all night if you wish.
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Also it depends when your going next as from this summer the studios will be opening later to accommodate ratatouille  :)
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That's great! We go in 4 months today, on the first day I will have a birthday meal at Cafe Mickey after we can go up Disney Village and just take in the atmosphere of the Tower of Terror.