Introducing... DLP Guide and DLP Today!

Started by Anthony, June 12, 2014, 11:09:38 PM

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Introducing... DLP Guide and DLP Today!

It's the biggest change to these popular Disneyland Paris fansites ever. Starting right now, DLP Guide replaces DLRP Magic! after over eleven years online, while DLRP Today becomes DLP Today after almost eight years of service.

And besides the new logos, you won't notice a thing. All previous addresses and links for the old website names will take you straight to the new pages. All images, articles, news, guides and videos are just as they were. You might still find a few errant "Magics" and "Rs" here and there if you look hard enough, but I'll get to those.

On Twitter, you'll now find DLRPMagic at @DLPGuide and DLRPToday at @DLPToday. Names were simply switched, so if you were following the old accounts, you're already following the new ones!

On Facebook, you can now find both sites at and again, if you liked the page before, you still like it now! - the page name will hopefully be updated to simply DLP Guide in due course.

Why the change?

To remove that "R" of course! Five years since Disneyland Paris dropped the "Resort" it was long overdue. Due to domain ownership issues, I couldn't match "Magic" with "DLP", but the result I hope is actually a far clearer, stronger, simpler name in DLP Guide to take the website into a new era.

"Keep moving forward..."


Congratulations on the changes - all looking good and nice new names. Fingers crossed they don't go and change the name of the park again any time soon...

Good luck with getting the Facebook page name changes - it is notoriously difficult!