10th visit

Started by andlorna, April 07, 2014, 07:07:26 PM

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Has anybody ever been given any kind of upgrade for their 10th visit. I read somewhere that whenever you go and you mention it's your 10th visit they like to celebrate this......just thought I would ask  ;D
Oct 06, Santa fe 3 days
Oct 07, Sequoia 4 days
Oct 08, Sequoia 4 days
Oct 09, Sequoia 4 days
Dec 09 New Year
Oct 10, Cheyenne 4 days
April 11, Cheyenne 4 days
Feb 13, Cheyenne 5 days
Feb 14, Cheyenne 5 days
Oct 14 Hipark 4 days
Nov 14 Hipark 4 days
Feb 15 Santa Fe 5 days
May 15 Hipark 4 days
Augt 15 Hipark 5 days
Feb 16 Cheyenne 5 days
April 16 Hipark 5 days
Aug 16 Hipark 5 days
Oct 16 Hipark 5 days
Dec 16 Sequoia new year
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Oct 17 Hipark 5 days


I've ever been given this and tbh I've been more than ten times. I've actually lost count lol wich annoys me! But let us know on here if you did get upgraded or any special extras :)


I`m curios, too! We`ll be there our 10th time this fall!


I have mentioned it before at Christmas , februray and April this year our 11th,12th and 13th trip , I did mention it again when booking our next trip in July, also said it would be our 4th trip in 7 months...... We'll have to see but I'm not holding my breath