ummmmm - our Frontierland shed

Started by Samninetysix, March 14, 2014, 06:42:35 PM

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Our tribute if you like to possibly the best place in the world - Frontierland at Disneyland Resort Paris, hope you like it.....

The garden is still a bit of a building site but it's getting there and yes we do have horseshoe marks in the concrete path :)

Gemma W

Ah wow! Love it! Love the detail you have gone to too with horse shoe prints in the path! Bet you have had so much fun designing and building this!


Amazing! I want one, but instead of a shed a hideout! Say I saw your Haunted Mansion one as well, you sir are amazing!


Wait until you see this years Halloween ;)


And the "Welcome to Thunder Mesa" sign was created by an incredibly talented young woman from a camera phone picture that we took a few years back in Frontierland, it was recreated in a 3d CAM program from the photo that I gave her, she, from a photo has worked out the 3d grain, lettering, everything. It was cut from a single sheet of plywood using a CNC cutter but she did the work so the machine cut it out. By the way, my new friend and artist has Aspergers and makes me feel so humble I cant begin to explain.

This Britain really does have talent :)


Britain did you say, hey I live in Britain! So what's for this Halloween? May I request the Tower of Terror or as it's formerly known The Hollywood Tower Hotel?


Formerly or Formally?. Formerly would be "previously" or Formally would be maybe the official name??


Formally, that's the name of the hotel.




Besides, you know what I'm talking about, it's on your Trip Countdown Ticker!


Just amazing! Looks totally great!
I saw the dog ;) He seems to like it too!


How I wish I could have that in my garden, but I'm trying to make a replica of the sign anyways.
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Hey, i'm also a D23 Gold Member.... SO THATS FUN!

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