Disneyland Paris auditions- London

Started by MeganOra94, March 03, 2014, 12:23:17 PM

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Do you know straight away if you pass all stages if you can work for them?

do you wait 6 months?
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do you know straight away if your through
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Hi all :)
im wondering if you get through all the stages of the audition do you wait a few days to find out if you are through e.g for a Face-Character or do you get told to wait 6 months etc?
or do you het told at the end of the day who you are and when they want you to work?  x


I believe it's the same day, right at the end (that's why they ask you to be available until 6pm). For what I've read, the most common thing to happen is to be put in the waiting list, which means having to wait for a call to offer you a contract.

Are you going to the London auditions next week? I'll be there on Tuesday :)


Ahh thankyou :D i know i have heard about a waiting list too and i am but im going monday x best of luck to you!! have you done one before or is this your first? :) x


Good luck to you too!!! I'm so excited, being practicing my moves for a while now, and this week is gonna be based on 'studying' the movies to know perfectly how my chosen characters perform! hahaha

This is my first time, never really had the opportunity to do such thing as I am not from the UK. But I have read so much during the last months that I almost feel like I've been there many times. I am kinda a dancer, and I enjoy it so much, but it never seems enough for Disney!


Aww wow well im actually excited for you finnally being able to do it!! :D
this is my first too, i have been doing the same hehe
my parents have never approved of being an entertainer or performer but this has been one of my biggest ambitions to work at Disney! :) aswel as being am RSPCA inspector haha

i have had dance classes a while ago but hopefully my entertaining shows off my blonde daft personality :") in the most professional way of course! more so passionate then daft :')

aw like i said very best of luck honey! :)

just be yourself hopefully your dreams will come true! :D x


Hi, I'm looking for some help, I hope everyone's auditions went well :)
I know they have just had auditioned last month, but does anyone know (from previous experience) if they are likely to audition again in the UK for summer contracts?

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There is character auditions in london and Leeds in July  :)