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Started by disney-dan, February 25, 2014, 11:51:44 AM

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So I was planning on taking advantage of the 2 days/2 nights free offer to book for early October in the Santa Fe as my GF is obsessed with Jack Skellington but I've been waiting for some money to come through before I could book it. A week ago it was £580, then a couple of days ago it was £620, both for 4 nights/5 days. However, I've just been onto the DLP website and its now bringing up a different "deal" with 30% discount and free halfboard instead at £770 and the dates that the 2 nights/days free are available is now different!!! I don't want half board as I eat hardly anything and don't want to be tied to eating in proper restaurants each night.

Does anyone think it's worth leaving it for a while and waiting to see if another deal comes out? Or whether I should call DLP and plead my case with reservations? I've tried the other countries websites and the UK site is the cheapest still but a £150 increase in a couple of days is a bit much to swallow!

Thanks peeps
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That deal for 2+ 2 free ended yesterday I'm afraid for the dates you wanted. I doubt phoning them
Would make any difference as they can only book you on the deal that is available at the time. You could have booked over the phone with a deposit to secure the price you were had before. Sorry not much else I can think of to help except from if you could go later on in the dates that are still on the 2+2 free.