Halloween 2014...hope this is in the right place

Started by tracey75_x, February 05, 2014, 04:26:25 PM

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Can anyone tell me please what date Halloween season starts this year.
We are going on October 20th so wondering if the Halloween decorations will be up in the park.
Sorry if this is in the wrong section.


Yeah they will be. I've been twice going on the 8th October and they have been up even then! I'm off in march this year but am thinking of going Halloween as well as it's such a brilliant time to go and last years(which I missed) looked brilliant!
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Thank you :) we have been on 19th October in 2009 and they were up then, but just wanted to make sure. We might go on the 13th then if they are up earlier. Enjoy your trip in march


they start putting up decoration by the end of september. All is up beginning october for sure!