Hotel reservations after April 3 2014

Started by efoxx, January 25, 2014, 09:14:20 PM

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Second post.  Wfoxx and I are planning a trip with several family members to DLRP in June.  We are DVC members and are planning to stay on points.  When we went to book the room inside the 6 month window we were told was allowed by DVC/DLRP we couldn't.  The reason given to us was that DLRP is not booking ANY reservations after April 3rd.  A quick check on several web sites (, expedia, confirmed this.  The official web site appears at least on the surface to be booking past that date, but I haven't gone through the complete process to find out about room availability. 

So my question is...  Does anybody have a clue as to why and when this situation might change?  we have all the rest of our plans for a once in a life time trip all set, we are now anxiously waiting to fill in this hole in our plans.  any insight anybody here as would be appreciated.