The Hollywood Tower Hotel - October, Present Day

Started by DisneyManiac, January 18, 2014, 06:56:42 PM

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Okay, so all who are on this forum are aware of what happened on 31st October 1939.
But, how about the present day? This hotel has been scarred of that fateful night, so in October, why not show it?
Here's the project that I have in mind:

Project Name: The Hollywood Tower Hotel - October, Present Day
Project Details: Alterations of the Hollywood Tower Hotel
Project Description:

DATE: October, Present Day
LOCATION: Beverley Court, Hollywood Boulevard
Ever since that fateful night, the Hollywood Tower Hotel has been scarred for life, but after a storm struck the Hotel on 31st October 2013 at exactly Midnight, strange sightings have been reported by Cleaners after closing time. Reports that have been given in include: Regular Power Failures in the Lobby, Sightings of the Spirits of the 5 Passengers and the famous signage being overpowered.
An Official Statement has been released from the Walt Disney Studio's Health and Safety Department warning visitors not to enter the hotel under any circumstances, although saying that...nothing is stopping you...

So that's what I've done so far, I'll include what will be added to the hotel later on, but for now, why not check-in? 


1) The famous signage will sometimes suddenly emit sparks and make a groaning sound, but only when the elevators are out of the way. Also when it emits sparks when the signage is on, part of the signage will be flicker or go out for a second.
2) Alongside the boiler room, the Lobby will also have it's lights flickering or slightly turning off, then back on again.
3) A enactment of that Halloween Night could take place in the Lobby every few weeks or so, or the Guest Elevator could suddenly flicker back to life every now and then, which is shown by the Floor Indicator, the back orange background would suddenly flicker on as the song Sing, Sing, Sing would suddenly play, indicating that it has started. As the Guest Elevator that plummeted long ago, ascends floor by floor, the song would get more loud and suspenseful, then the Guest Elevator will almost reach Floor 12, but suddenly the Floor Indicator's orange backlight will change to light blue (indicating lightning has struck) and the Lobby's lights will suddenly blackout, or dim quite a lot, then the Guest Elevator would start plummeting again, the Floor Indicator will go wild, spinning 360 degrees at an incredible speed, this will happen for 5 or 6 seconds as plummeting type of music plays, then a waft of smoke will suddenly explode through the cracks of the elevator doors, the Floor Indicator's backlight of light blue will fade out to orange then turns off, the lights in the Lobby will gradually flicker back on again.