Trolley show

Started by norhel, October 20, 2012, 03:46:18 PM

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So, over at Walt Disney World they got a fall edition of their trolley show in Magic Kingdom.
Apparently according to WDWMAGIC, they stop 4 times in Main Street altering of two show/versions.
Do you think that a version of that could be something for us (I know, probably wish thinking if it is something for us)?
Has it been something similar in DLP ever?

Fall edition with both fall versions:

The original edition:
4 trips to DLP, 3 to WDW, 1 to Disneyland California


i don't think we had a show like this, but i would love to have it. I love those big musical numbers. It would be great entertainment together with some dapper dan's
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I love the look on the horses face at the beginning haha. Great show!