Best place to stay with a larger group?

Started by faeriemagick, January 11, 2014, 01:54:08 PM

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We're hoping to visit in October. There will be 2 adults plus 4 children (one of those is under 3, another will be just over 3) I'm currently trying to figure out the best and cheapest way to do this. Most of the hotels on site will only let you have 2 adults, 2 children and one under 3. I've looked at the Explorers hotel, but the reviews aren't amazing and I'm also concerned about the shuttle bus as I remember taking my eldest several years ago and the shuttle was a nightmare as it got very full and we obviously have quite a few of us to squeeze on! I'm assuming none of the hotels off site are within a walking distance? We did stay at the Davy Crockett last year which was great, but my husband is refusing to drive over again, so we will be travelling by eurostar to get there!
Any suggestions hugely appreciated as I'm going round and round in circles at the moment and not really getting anywhere fast!
Thanks  :)


The partner hotels aren't really at walking distance, maybe in the morning when you just woken up and are still fresh and energetic, lol.

But in the evening, It's at least at 25 minute walk, I personally couldn't do that anymore after spending an entire day at the park.

polar vixen

Santa fe and Newport Bay do have larger rooms, but they tend to sell out quickly, so you need to book plenty in advance.  Another option  depending on where you're travelling from is to break it up a bit: we live in the north of England, so we travel down the country one day, stop over in a Travelodge and then catch the first ferry on the morning, which gets us there around 1 pm, we then do the same thing on the way home, but leave after lunch, catch an evening ferry, stop in a Travelodge, and then have a relaxed trip home, this works out really well because 1) we can stay at davy crockett ranch, and it's lovely being able to put the kids to bed and have our own room, and 2) it makes it loads cheaper because we an take sncaks and juice etc in the car, giving us more pennies for souveniers, meals and so on


The family rooms at Newport Bay are perfect. The are on the Admirals floor. They have two double beds and two sofa beds. All beds are very comfortable. We stayed there last summer with our four children ( 11, 9, 7 and 4)

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All theses replies are valid, but no one has mentioned a budget!!
A room at the Explorers would cost less than an option at the Disney hotels! yes, that shuttle bus is a problem, but if you are on a budget you may just have to bite the bullet. At very bust times, the morning bus service is broken down into two different pairs of hotels so one bus would go to Explorers and Dream Castle and the other would go to Kyriad and Magic Circus. This does take some of the pressure off, but it is still a bunfight in the evening!!


I stayed in the adagio last February .
Next to val d'europe shopping centre .
I have 4 children and stayed with my parents as well so 7 in total .

The only problem was the shuttle . Getting on in the morning was fine but coming back was a nightmare.
We stood and queued like polite British people but once the shuttle arrived everybody behind us just shoved forward . Wasn't pleasant with the 4 children .
The hotel was lovely though and very handy having a kitchen with a fridge .

Next month we're staying in the Santa fe again but have got two rooms books ( hopefully adjacent to each other )
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We went last September nd paid 1400  including half board tndard as we got the 25% off + free dining plan, you drive n to parks yourself but get free parking. This worked out cheaper for us than an off site hotel especially considering we saved ourselves over a 100 euros a day not having to buy meals a and could prepare snacks in the kitchen in he cabin, saved a fortune, driving was also 100s of pounds cheaper than flying.


We stayed in NPBC family room with our 4 children last year.  There is 2 double beds and 2 sofa beds, so loads of space.  Alternatively, you could book 2 standard rooms in any of the hotels and request that they be interconnecting.

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