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Started by aquaricy, November 28, 2013, 03:20:03 PM

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hi Everyone

we know that DLRP has financial issues but they could actually have a new attraction inside adventureland with a minimal cost...flying carpets from WDS.
Face it, it would fit great between le giraf curieus and the hakuna matata restaurant.
between all the green it would definitely fit its purpose and the open space in WDS could be a replica of the flying carpets but with planes from the new pixar movie.
This could be done at the minimal cost
what do you guys think?


I think we've got enough flying rides with The Flying Elephants, the Flying Carpets and Orbitron. I don't think we need a Planes ride.
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true, but don't all other disneyparks have these as well and flying carpets included?


They need a ride like splash mountain! That would be brilliant!  :D
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Quote from: aquaricy on November 28, 2013, 04:21:52 PM
true, but don't all other disneyparks have these as well and flying carpets included?

Yes they do but they don't have a Planes ride to go with it. I don't know what Disney could replace the Flying Carpets with, it's built in such a small are of Toon Studio. Maybe a slide would fit, or even worse a children's play area.
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How about a food building with ice cream, pancakes, waffles but in a kiddies/cartoon way.
i just want flying carpets in adventureland, we walked in that area last time we were there and it just would fit nicely



I think the Flying Carpets ride is in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom in WDW, but i'm not sure about the other parks. I'm not a fan of Flying rides so maybe that's why i'm not keen on the idea. Two flying rides in Disneyland Park and one in the Studios is enough for me.
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