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Started by Anthony, March 07, 2007, 04:22:06 PM

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I watched the Disney Express movie with Robert a few moments ago. He was a bt concerned that Casey couldnt see where he was going! (Notice that the re paint didnt fool Robert! But then again the poor child has been brain washed with Disney for the last four years, so he probably would pick up on that!)

He was chuffed to see Woody n Jess. D'you think they'll change the characters every day?

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looks and sounds good , do the caracters get off the train at any point?

how many times a day is the parade running ? :ears:


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It will run from main street all the down to central plazza next to the castle 4 times a day starting about 10am it will have charactors on and music will play and the charactors wil be changed so look out for differnt ones every day but mickey the boss and minnie will not be on it .. will be fun enjoy
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Ooooh I love the music!  If someone had said "it's from Tokyo", I'd probably have screamed and feared a Happy-Happy-Halloween soundtrack like the Stitch Cavalcade... but this, is very very nice.  Great choice and rework by Vasile Sirli, I bet. :wink:

Looks like Dancin has finally been put to rest then...


:D It looks wonderful!

:) I'm curious to as to whether or not the characters will vary throughout the day. :P Since there's 4 showings, I think it would be good if they switched characters each time.


It looks verry nice the only thing is it is so short but I don't care al these disney characters it's great
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I have to say, the character express does at least as much as anything i've seen to create a party atmosphere, it may not be as extravagant as the main parade but u can hear the music from all over and anywhere near MSUSA - it really does get everyone in the mood for fun - just watch everyone moving their arms in a train style motion :D


Which other characters have been known to appear on the Character Express?



I'm here to give to all of you two new links to see in youtube two videos about this parade and the parade of Alphabet You Are





I hope that you like it!
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Hey, great vids. I didn't know a version of the "Proudlights" music from BougIllumination was used in Alpha-Bet-You-Are too. It suits it, although the overall soundtrack to the event is a bit muddled. Can't tell if I like it or not actually  :roll:
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dlrpmagic.com says that the music will be Dancin, Just Like we Dreamed It and the Tokyo Rainy Day Express Music.
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danicin' :D  really? im confused this music is for the character express?



I've got the song of the parade but I will have too the lyric. Someone knows where I can find it?

Thank You!

pd: I'm searching the soundtrack of alphabet you are! If someone have it, please, tell me by a private message where I can find it! Thank You! It's the only song of the 15th anniversary that i don't have!
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Quote from: "TowMater"dlrpmagic.com says that the music will be Dancin, Just Like we Dreamed It and the Tokyo Rainy Day Express Music.
Just pre-launch speculation!  I'll get around to updating that page (and all the others) over the weekend. :wink:

fly_with_me_dumbo: The music is "All Aboard" from Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland, with new lyrics to turn it into "Tous En Train". :wink:

I'd love to get the lyrics down sometime, if anyone can help then let me know!  About all I can hear are lines like "Tous en train" and "En route au coeur du magie.." :)


oh and i got my hope up for dancin,  :cry: