Disney Characters' Express

Started by Anthony, March 07, 2007, 04:22:06 PM

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Disney Characters' Express
Petit Train des Personnages Disney
From 1st April 2007.

For the 15th Anniversary Celebration.
Previous discussion about this 15th Anniversary event may be found in the general topic.

Main Street is brought to life each morning as Casey Jr. steams into town carrying the most famous Disney characters!

The morning cavalcade will be performed about 4 times each day with around 14 characters (not including Mickey and Minnie).  It will travel up Main Street USA, around Central Plaza and then return to Town Square, stopping 4 times during its journey for guest interaction.

The old Dumbo float of The Wonderful World of Disney Parade will be repainted and redesigned in 15th Anniversary colours.  The music choice has yet to be confirmed.

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All aboard!


Fingers crossed for Dancin'!!


Thats a fantastic, and cost effective idea! We want more ideas like this


I am really really looking forward to this....., and i to hope its dancin'

it HAS to be


its got to be dancin' i meen its not DLP with out it lol
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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:P I'd be really happy with the Casey Jr music from Dumbo.

:D Casey Jr runnin' down the track!


Quote from: "DisneyBud"Fingers crossed for Dancin'!!

lets hope so [-o<


I´m not a big dancin´fan :oops:
But I like the train idea! It´s nice to have something like "Good Morning Main Street"!
Wer nämlich mit "H" schreibt ist dämlich.

...the DPG is watching U...


Or maybe they'll have a new song for this, too?!

Will this Express perform everyday in every season?
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Here they are!  In avant-première exclusively at Photos Magiques... the first photos!!!  More here.


That works brilliantly!! Very striking with the blue, white and gold. I wonder how many really unusual characters we'll get to see on this? :?

And the music was?....

And another edit, lol, is it known why the face of the train is covered up with the blue ribbony thing?


wow that looks great works realy well!! :ears:

do you know what music was played?

how mant times a day does it run?

great photos colours go realy well together  :ears:


And here's another avant-première, Disney Characters' Express... the movie! :twisted:  



Nice, very striking and good, as predicted by myself they have gone for Disney's Character Express they used in Tokyo sometime :lol: .

Poppy The Monkey

The music's from "Disney's Party Express" from Tokyo a few years ago, but with totally re-written lyrics. This song is also used in Hong Kong for their rainy day parade.