Frontierland Expansion - Phantom Canyon

Started by DisneyManiac, January 20, 2013, 09:12:05 PM

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PLOT: Have you ever wondered whatever happened to Phantom Canyon after you passed through the old town in the Phantom Manor? Well over 1000 years after the terrible earthquake, a tremor went off in the middle of Thunder Mesa, was this the noble Thunderbird (Correct me if I'm wrong!) telling innocent park guests to venture on and discover the rest of the once beautiful town? Well... Maybe so! The tremor caused another earthquake! But not as fierce, the crack seemed to cut through the middle of Boot Hill and sliver along the river bank then halted. A cleaner, coming from Main Street U.S.A, entered Thunder Mesa and stared as a huge earthquake let loose, the cleaner was knocked to the floor as the crack slivered into the forest then opened up revealing another part of Thunder Mesa...  :twisted: Phantom Canyon :twisted:

Area Ideas Coming Soon!

Be afraid! Be VERY afraid! :twisted:


Bringing this topic back to life!

Phantom Canyon could be an event for Halloween to replace the Geysers, but can expand to be an all year attraction. For advertising, we get to see the different lands of Disneyland Park through CCTV cameras. Showing a normal morning just before the park opens for Extra Magic Hours, then a camera which is situated on the lower left hand side of The Silver Spur Steakhouse is shown, this camera is different to the others as there is a bit of interference. The camera is named TMR_SSS_LL in the bottom right hand side of the camera with CAM_31 shown on the top left hand side of the camera. The camera is coincidently fixed on a Cast Member who is on their Last Minute Cleaning Duty. Everything seems fine for the first 7 seconds, then suddenly the interference grows blinding you for a second, not seeing the Cast Member. The Cast Member looks up from their cleaning, looking ahead, North-East. The camera begins to shake heavily as the Cast Member is tottering across the ground. During this the music begins to play the suspenseful piece from the start of the Phantom Manor Medley, also the interference begins to grow as well, getting worse and more frequent. Then to end the advertisement, the camera falls to the ground and viewers are left looking at Static Interference that is showing nothing. Then the screen pans out showing a Security Room, showing that we were watching a monitor all the time, the panning out stops on a shoulder shot of a Watchman who is facing towards the monitor that we just saw and says into a radio "We need back-up on Sector 31, we have a 31-13" Then the screen fades out to black, and the Disneyland Paris Logo fades in and has a Static Interference effect on it, the logo fades out and we fade in to the aftermath of CAM_31: The camera is now on it's side, has a very bad interference and is facing towards a large open crack where Boot Hill was and a body is being dragged into the large crack in the ground that slightly slopes down.

The camera then dies for good...   

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