Do you have a special rite when entering the park?

Started by perrollaz, February 01, 2013, 09:40:04 PM

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Quote from: captain rocket on February 02, 2013, 07:21:46 PM
I'm still trying to understand the strange noise that the ticket machine makes! I think it may be the word "welcome"but I'm not sure!

It does say welcome as once I was the only person using a turnstile at the time.

Although most of the time it sounds like a sneeze crossed with the sounds of passion if you get me


Once through the ticket machine, we keep looking at the floor until we come out of the station. We then count to three and open our eyes altogether. Then when we can see through the tears, take a big sigh(like a welcome home sigh) then slowly walk down Main Street, soaking in the atmosphere.  Over to the castle, tough the castle at the top of the ramp on the right hand side. Big smiles then off the buzz lightyear. Our party consists of 6 of us ranging from 14 - 72   

Going on the 16th December and will do it all again x


We always take it easy when entering the park.  We walk around in Main Street, being in awe of the new merchandise, and I always buy one of those big Croque Monsieurs at the end of Main Street.  Those are just to die for.  Main Street is the first thing we do, and we take our time because we usually arrive very early. 

After Main Street, we always go to Peter Pan's Flight.  It's always crowded, but not so much in the morning.  And then we eat, eat, go in attractions, eat, buy, eat.  Nom nom.
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Not really have a rite when entering the park. I usually have one BEFORE entering the park. I always pay a little visit to our tile in the gardens in front of the entrance :) My parents bought it when we used to visit it as a family in the past and it has my name and those of my siblings on there, always nice to see it and it's a wake up call that I'm actually there again :)


Most of the time we start getting a fastpass by Peter Pan... Because these are very popular by the most of the guests.