The Lone Ranger in DLRP?

Started by Herc Fan, August 22, 2013, 07:51:52 PM

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Herc Fan

Just wondering, is there much Lone Ranger merchandise available?
Like the action figures made by Neca for example.


We were there two weeks ago and we saw Lego and that was about it I'm afraid. But as I said, it was two weeks ago-who knows what could be on the shelves now? Hopefully someone else can help.

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I saw some stuff in the shop at the entrance to Frontierland, first week of August. Can't remember what but it was there!
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Herc Fan


There was a Sheriff badge to do with The Lone Ranger in DLP.


They sell 2 characters  (size and style of Barbie dolls, )one of them was Johnny Depp of course and a horse- sorry for not knowing any names. Seen in Frontierland at Thunder Mercantile Building.