Rock 'n Rollercoaster - no Aerosmith?

Started by A&S&O, August 14, 2013, 10:08:55 AM

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All the times I have been on this coaster, I had audio, light effects and preshow working perfectly fine, the only öproblem I ever had was after my last go, the security bar wouldn't open, so the CM had ev eryboda except me and my poor seat neighbour exit and then use the fppt pedal at the back of the train to unlock the bar.
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Last time I went June, the audio was off, it was really disappointing after riding it several times in a row on a previous holiday and loving it every time.

Only managed to ride it once last visit as the three other times we were waiting it broken down so just had a disappointing experience of it last time (and most of the holiday to be honest but i wont go into it)

Hopefully it'll be all systems go when we go again in December and it doesn't turn into Space Mountain where Iv just come to expect the audio not to work properly.
(I really wish they would sort that out, it was the worlds first rollercoaster with on board Audio but now it doesn't work)
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We were there from 28th Oct to 1st November, went on this ride at least 3 times a day and the audio only worked the first time we went on  :'( it is still a good ride but the audio makes sooo much difference!!


Pre show was working last week, but no music on ride and the shop was shut too.

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Quote from: Olliebobs on March 22, 2014, 11:20:35 PM
Pre show was working last week, but no music on ride and the shop was shut too.

I went on it last weekend (Sunday March 16th) and the music was working fine.
The shop has been closed for months and is completely empty. It's not re-opening for a while.
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On my visit I rode twice on 20th march and music was on I remember singing along throughout :)
Allthough the ride experienced a few technical problems and was closed 18-19th and luckily opend on our last day! But last year there was no music at all all 3 times I had gone on. Who knows!?


Just checked the week we are going & rock n roller coaster is shut the whole week. nooooo  :'(


last time i was there, they had some technical issues...after standing in line vor 30 minutes:(

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Everything worked perfectly last Thursday! It was brilliant!! I love Aerosmith!!! 😁


I rode this last weds and no music :( not good!
It does make all the difference!

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Quote from: littlebitofpixiedust on October 08, 2014, 11:01:07 PM
I rode this last weds and no music :( not good!
It does make all the difference!

Well let's face it, without the Rock 'n' Roll, it's just a 'Coaster.  We can ride those in lots of other parks; it's the music that makes this ride (hence the name!?!)
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