Financial Results for 2013

Started by jj554, November 08, 2013, 07:28:12 PM

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Couldn't see any mention of this on the boards so thought I would share for those who are interested but don't get the Shareholder's Newsletter.

Press release regarding the resort's financials:

Main point being: Net loss was reduced by €22 million to €78 million, reflecting the positive impact of the 2012 debt refinancing.
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No longer a hot topic on the forum, i suppose fans have come to expect bad news. Thank goodness for the debt refinancing in 2012 which reduced Euro Disney's loss during the last financial year, otherwise these results would have been much worse with a 7% decrees in visitors. I think we can but that down to the recession in Europe, but if the trend was to continue and DLP lose more visitors, i think it would be a matter for concern. On the positive side, slowly but surely Euro Disney moves closer to profitability. :)
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With the recession the numbers didn't chock me. With the new Halloween season and the upcoming Christmas Season I only heard good things and people will talk about their great experience so I believe it will pick up. Also when the marketing department steps up when the new Ratatouille rides opens attendence will rise.

If they keep on track with paying of the dept I have a good feeling about DLRP future.

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Certainly DLP is looking a lot stronger, fair bit to go before business is 'booming' but only positives seem on the horizon.
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