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Started by DisneyManiac, August 17, 2014, 10:01:24 PM

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Now we've all seen The Haunted Mansion, where Eddie Murphy plays Jim Evers of Evers Evers Real Estate and his family end up staying the night at Gracey Manor and discover a curse that plagues the manor to this day.

But another story is yet to be told, of course it's the Phantom Manor or Ravenswood Manor. Now this film will have lot potential, while I'm typing I can just picture it my head, here's the opening credits scene to get started.


The start of the film revolves around the young life of Melanie Ravenswood and the beginning of Thunder Mesa. It begins with Henry Ravenswood and his men finding the mountain of Big Thunder, after commanding "Come On Men!" they head towards the mountain and then fades to the mine being formed throughout the mountain, then mine wagons of gold ore are being wheeled past the camera showing they found gold, the camera switches to the founding of Thunder Mesa as an Opening Ceremony by the mayor and Henry himself, the camera pans to the left showing the Molly Brown or Mark Twain making its way up the Rivers of the Far West and the camera stops on Ravenswood Manor, all beautifully painted and spic and span, showing how it looked back in its heyday.

The camera switches to heading towards the manor's front doors with a butler kindly opening them, the camera goes through the Foyer and into the Gallery of Melanie Ravenswood, each painting the camera settles on comes alive to show that moment each with a credit EX: Melanie on the swing comes alive to show it happening, the painting with Melanie and her boyfriend having a picnic stays alive and you hear them having a conversation her boyfriend reveals himself as a Train Engineer and produces a ring to propose and insists about moving far away to go exploring new places together, Melanie enthusiastically agrees, the camera fades to Melanie and her father, Henry arguing about moving away from Thunder Mesa, he roars with anger when he hears they are engaged and commands her to go her room and think about what she is agreeing to. Henry tried every way he could think of to stop the wedding from happening including locking the manor's gates so no one could enter or exit.


The camera fades to Henry, weeping at  potentially losing his daughter when a glass of water starts to shake, the shaking gets worse and Henry exits the manor, a worker at the mining company calls Henry from the gates that are closed, he says with insanity that the Thunder Bird has been disturbed and has been awoken, Henry doesn't believe it. Henry suddenly hears screaming and discovers her wife Martha is scared stiff by the shaking and is standing still by the Cemetery, Henry goes to rescue her when the ground starts opening and wide cracks trap Henry and Martha, Henry losses his footing and falls down a crack taking Martha with her, soon after the earthquake stops. Some workers break the chain of the manor's front gate and pull out the bodies, which are covered by a white sheet, and a doctor approaches and feels for a heartbeat, he shakes his head. The camera shows the burial of Henry and Martha, and fades to the manors exterior at night on the day of the Wedding, a shrill scream is heard as lightning flashes and an evil cackling is heard. FADE TO BLACK




LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvIWSB_Kc3k

The Haunted Mansion sounds like he music that belongs to the Phantom Manor and its tragic story, this music piece remade a little to fit what I was saying would go perfectly!


I've been wanting a Phantom Manor movie for ages! I doubt it will happen, but if it does, I'll be first in line to see it on opening day!


Oooh, I like this. Cant wait to see more.
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