How About "Mickey and the Magical Map" for Disneyland Paris?

Started by TVTaughtMeHowToFeel, June 28, 2013, 01:50:57 PM

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I saw some videos of "Mickey and the Magical Map"recently, the new show in Disneyland California. And I thought it would fit perfectly on the Videopolis Stage in Disneyland Paris, since there are currently no stage shows at all in Disneyland Park, which are really necessary in my opinion.
I think they could easily translate it into a bilingual show, because like "Disney Dreams" it's depends on songs... And unlike Tarzan, Lion King, Mulan, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast (all Disneyland Paris stage shows from the past) it isn't based on a single movie, so there is something for everybody.
Some people might argue that its concept is too similar to "Animagique" in the Studios, or even to "Dreams", but I think those are three differnt formats. Disney Dreams is outdoors, it's on a much bigger scale than anything else and you have water, light and fireworks. At "Animagique" you have the whole black light thing going on and it's mainly suited for kids. "Mickey and the magical map" on the other hand is for all ages, i think... It's live singing, which is very rare in Disneyland Paris and if some elements are too similar to the other shows you can change them (for example "I wanna be like you" and "under the sea").

Here is a video of the complete show...

Share your thoughts!!! :)
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I think we all agree that the resort lacks entertainment and I'd love to see a show like this, but I'm sure videopolis isn't being used as a stage any time soon due to the decrease in capacity whenever a show is being performed. Shame really!