Taking food inside?

Started by NotreClaire, June 12, 2013, 12:22:22 PM

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Excuse me for asking if there already is a topic about this (I couldn't find it), but..

This october, I will visit DLP with my best friend for the first time in ten years again, and I was wondering..

Are you allowed to bring your own food/drinks into the park when you arrive? On the internet, I see different stories (about the staff throwing it right into a garbagecan, staff that says you have to eat it at the picnic field ect) and I wonder what's true   about those stories :^o .

What are your experiences?
Thanks in advantage! <3
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captain rocket

Never had any problems at all and have never seen anyone having problems either! The security check you go through is just that, a security check and they are looking for "naughty" items! Not food.
Have a great visit.

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If you're taking a few Sandwiches and some drinks and snacks then you'll be fine. I believe they only get a bit fussy if you try and carry in a massive pic-nic hamper as they had problems with continental guests doing this in the early years and pic-nic'ing all over the lawns. They created a dedicated pic-nic area for guests who wish to have a proper pic-nic, mind you  I don't think anyone actually uses it as it's quite a distance from the park's (near the moving walkways to the car park).
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I've never seen 'only food bought on these premises to be consumed' anywhere in the park so not an issue. We've often taken snacks and drinks in and never had a problem. I did however see a family set up a gas stove and cook a full blown meal in fantasy land last summer, i just couldn't believe it and nothing was said! It did smell nice though haha.


We took food from the Uk in, as daughter has a peanut allergy and didnt have a problem. She even sat eating her own food in the princess meal and in queues and nothing was said. The security dont actually look inside your bag anymore and even when they did, we still took food.

You see loads of people with food clearly not purchased inside the park.


We've never had a problem with this - we usually take drinks and snacks into the parks to eat whilst queuing etc.
I think that they don't like you to go with picnics and things because there isn't a lot of room to sit and eat in the park anyway. I've never seen anyone being told off for eating their own food so you should be fine :)

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Thanks, everyone! Guess we'll bring some sandwiches then! ^^
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