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Started by amanda08, June 09, 2013, 10:54:01 AM

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Hi - I am having loads of trouble getting onto the site at the moment. I have to use an old link taking me to a certain page and then I can get onto the forum from there, otherwise I just get a blank page :cry:  Is it a known problem or is it a problem at my end?


Are you talking about DLRPmagic? I am having the same problem and thought it might be a browser cache issue because of a connection fault, but if you're getting it as well I know I'm not going mad in trying to fix it and getting no where
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If you are talking about I also have the same problem. Been like that for a day or so.
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Ok, not just me then! Was blaming McFee lol


Hi amanda08, I've tried and also having the same issue, just a  blank screen. :cry:
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Hi guys, Anthony is onto it :) (See above thread)

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Issues with now hopefully fixed!

Don't forget you can always access magicforum directly at :-)