How to ride with Mr Mouse in the parade?

Started by *Jess*, February 23, 2007, 01:07:57 PM

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Everytime I see the Cinema Parade passing by I'm a little bit (read a lot  :wink: ) jealous of the people who sit on the Mickey Mouse unit...
How do you get picked???
Any tips? It will be a dream coming true  O:)



The topic is as follows you must work for charactor/parade to be in the parade when you arrive you are told given details of what your day will be EG Parade shift..Picture me !!
If your a guest in the parc and want to be with mickey in the last float you can contact guest services at front of parc or wait next to entrance where parade starts and guest flow will ask you if you want to be in it...HAVE FUN NOW...
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You can ask for this directly at the Walt Disney Studios Park if it is possible at this day or not. I heard from any people who asked for this.

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wow must tell my children that they have always wanted to be on the micky float, i just assumed you had to be chosen a diffrant way to be on it  :)


Usually we (Guest Flow) pick the childre that are dressed as Disney characters like cute little princess or brave pirates!
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so no chance of me being able to do it for my 21st bday then im guessing?
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or me on my 35th?


oooooh wow! it's one of my biggest wishes to be part of one of the disney parades!
i always wanted to be part of it!!! :D


But not in this one anymore :mrgreen: But yeah, it would be cool if there'd be another chance to take part in a parade!
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They should do what they do at Walt Disney World where people are picked to ride in the car for the parades, aren't they called Grand Marshalls or something like that?
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Hey! I was picked to go on the Mickey float when I was about 6. I was wearing a Jessie costume and my little brother was wearing a Mickey mouse costume, someone just came up to us and told us that we could go on so my whole family got to as well. That's all I remember.