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Started by esmeralda, May 09, 2013, 11:58:43 AM

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As this is my new favorite store at Dlp i thought of starting a new topic  :D
May be it concerns mostly female Dlp fans, but what do you think about that store?
I personally absolutely love it!!!
Has anyone made pics of the new collection recently?


Nobody interested in fashion Disney style?? Girls?!


I love it but find it very expencive. You can buy Disney themed products at Asda or even Primark. Which granted arn't as special but for the price difference I'm not overly fussed. lol


I like the Disney range of T-shirts, im a bloke by the way,  but what I dont like is the inconsistancy in sizes. 3 years ago I bought an XL which still fits me nicely. last year, a stone lighter, I went so far as to try an XXXl and still couldnt get into it. Whats up with that?
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Whenever I'm walking around that store I want to buy everything. Until I took a look at the pricetags, that is. ;) But it is one of my favorite stores to visit, although I rarely buy anything there.
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I absolutely love that design and the interior of  the store! So colorful and girly!
Does anyone made some pics recently? I'm curious of the new collection as i bought several shirts last summer. One of them was 40% off. So there's always a chance to get stuff cheaper! I even got a necklace and a bracelet for 3Euros! You can't top that!