CafeFantasia YouTube Channel - 22 1080p HD Videos

Started by CafeFantasia, May 03, 2013, 05:43:54 PM

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Hi everyone,

I've been advised that here, on the Weblinks and Media part of this forum, would be a good place to promote my new YouTube channel. So here I am, promoting it  :D

Basically, 3 weeks ago I created a YouTube Channel. And so far, it's got 22 original 1080p HD videos on it, that I personally shot and edited. Obviously the idea is nothing new, and you've probably watched hundreds of Disneyland Paris videos already. But, I'd like to think that my videos are very clear and colourful, the shots are incredibly stable (despite them all being hand-held), and they're relatively concise and interesting, with no boring bits.

So, here's the address of my YouTube channel:

And here's my most popular video, to give you an example of what my videos are like:



Your videos are great. Thanks for sharing. :)