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Started by RockNRoller, May 15, 2013, 02:34:41 PM

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Sorry if you came here expecting some really exciting news, i dont have any but actually thats the point. Maybe its just me but even though were in the extended 20th celebration there really doesnt seem to be that much news coming from DLRP, even in the run up to the 20th there didnt seem to be that much coming out. So I thought why not ask what's the most exciting news youve seen come from DLRP and why?

For me, although I was sad to see Visionairium go I was really excited to hear about Buzz taking its place, the ride really lived up to my expectations and has become a favourite must do ride for every day we're there.

Care to share?
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We get so few news than whenever any come out they're always very exciting...  And for me personally it's only been in the last 5 - 7 years or so that I've been following all the DLP news closely, so I missed quite a few things!!

I remember being very excited when they confirmed Starbucks was coming to the DV (no Starbucks in Luxembourg, you see...)

And of course hearing about Dreams was incredibly exciting (and seeing it for myself, simply magical :D)


The most exciting bit of news fairly recently was the extension of Dreams as we missed it by a week last year and get a chance to see it now after all!

I'm sure there used to be so many more news updates from Disney but it seems to slow more and more each year. I know DLP has financial isssues but all the more reason to get exciting news out to keep the disney fans coming year after year.


I get excited by all news that comes from DLP but the most recent one was the announcement of free wi-fi in the Hotels


FANTASMIC (if it will ever happen then I'd hae a reason to go back havn't been since the 15th anniversary but off to FLORIDA (the world) in February :D cannot waite : D )


The return of Fantillusion or a new nighttime parade. I am exited by the new Ratatouille ride in the WDS and I just know I'm going to love it, especially if it come up to the standard of Mystic Manor. And before that Disney Dreams. =D>
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