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Started by MickeySmurfette24, January 25, 2013, 04:16:33 AM

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When Disney California Adventure has complete the expansion in 2012.
Now, I have an idea for Walt Disney Studios Paris Expansion.

1.- WRECK-IT RALPH LAND (La Terre de Ralph)
As Disney California Adventure has opened the new land, CARS LAND. Walt Disney Studios needs a new to open, based on Wreck-It Ralph (opening in UK, February 8, 2013). This Area has split in 4 Areas: Game Central Station, Sugar Rush, Hero's Duty and Fix-It Felix, Jr. Studio Tram Tour and Moteurs...Action! Stunt Show will closed and demolish to make way for a new Land.

Game Central Station is the Central Hub for Wreck-It Ralph Land.

* Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz Meet n' Greet
Guests can take a picture with Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz.

* Game Central Kiosk
The Kiosk that sells Wreck-It Ralph merchandise


A Sugar Rush version of Radiator Springs Racer (from Disney California Adventure).

* Vanellope's Sugary Stand
A Stand that sells Cotton Candy, Candy Apple, Coke Products and a Special Vanellope's Butter Juice (like Red's Apple Freeze at Cars Land, and LeFou's Brew at New Fantasyland), no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam; also serves in a Souvenir Goblets with Vanellope von Schweetz picture in it or Rancis Fluggerbutter picture in it.


* Wreck-It Ralph: Wild Ride (known as Les mondes de Ralph: Le tour sauvage in french)
A Motion Simulator ride with 3D Infitec Screen, with seats that is similar to "The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera" ride.

King Candy/Turbo's Ghost has kidnapped Vanellope von Schweetz, and Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sergeant Calhoun with the help of Disney Parks Guests must travel to Game Central Station, Fix-It Felix, Jr. game, Hero's Duty, Sugar Rush, chase the Ghost of King Candy/Turbo and rescue Vanellope.

Unlike USA Version, The queue will be outside Niceland's Penthouse.

* Wreck-It Ralph's Dump Playground
The Playground where Kids can play with Water, and shooting Water Canon.



* Hero's Duty: Cy-Bugs Shooting
A Hero's Duty version of Buzz Lightyear: Astro Blaster.

2.- A Replica of Litwak's Arcade Facade, This is the Main Entrance of Wreck-It Ralph Land.

3.- Walt Disney Studios Park New Main Entrance
The Current Main Entrance of Walt Disney Studios Park will be demolish to make way for the new Main Entrance, Just like Animation Courtyard gate at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

4.- El Capitan Theatre Replica
A Replica of El Capitan Theatre Facade will be built in front of Disney Studios 1.

5.- New Disney Studio 1
Disney Studios 1 will be closed and become into a 1920's Hollywood.


6.- New Walt Disney Studios Fountain
While Partner Statue will be relocated at Parc Disneyland , A New Fountain with a Statue of a Younger Walt Disney sitting in a Director Chair, wearing a Director Hat and Holding a Megaphone, and Mickey Mouse holding a Clapboard will be added in place of Partner Statue.

7.- Disney's Soda Fountain and Studio Store
A New Ice Cream store replace Speciality Ice Cream

8.- Disney's Soda Fountain and Studio Store Pin Trading Station
The Unnamed Pin Tading Station will have a new name.

9.- Muppet-Vision 3D
A 3D film that will replace Cinemagique.

10.- Soarin'
A rumor clone of an attraction that is located at Disney California Adventure and Epcot. Unlike US version, Johnny Depp will be the Narrator and he will appear in a New Pre-Show in Paris version; as well as the Posters and Movie Props.

11.- Expanded Disney Backlot Café and a new menu for Café Cafés
Restaurant des Stars will be close to expand Disney Backlot Cafe, While Café Cafés will have a new Starbucks menu.

12.- The Avengers Special Effect
Replace Armageddon: Les Effets Speciaux. You will experience the Special Effect based on a 2012 film of the same name. This will be the first Marvel attraction at Disneyland Paris.

13.- The Avengers Prop Trucks
Backlot Prop Trucks will be repaint to fit in a new Avengers Attraction, and will sell Avengers merchandise.

14.- Meet Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes will be coming in Walt Disney Studios Park, in an RV. Will greet Marvel Fans and take pictures.


15.- Mickey's Philharmagic
A 3D film that will replace Animagique.

16.- Ratatouille
A new Trackless Dark Ride, based on the Movie of the same name.

17.- Toon Studio Kiosk
with Mickey's Philharmagic replace Animagique, the Animagique Kiosk will be renamed into Toon Studio Kiosk.


18.- Block Party Bash
A Interactive Stage Show/Parade hybrid featuring Pixar Pals, that Guests can Dance and Play. Formerly at Disney California Adventure and Disney's Hollywood Studios


19.- Walt Disney Studios Park Temporary Entrance
While the current Main Entrance and Disney Studio 1 closed to make way for a new one, There will be a Temporary Entrance between Cinemagique (Muppet-Vision 3D) and the Rumour Soarin'. Also There will be a Temporary Ticket Stand.

let me know what do you think?


This is fantastic! Genius ideas. Would Soarin' replace Sitch and/ or Disney Junior LIVE! ?
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Quote from: "DisneyWizard"This is fantastic! Genius ideas. Would Soarin' replace Sitch and/ or Disney Junior LIVE! ?

No. You see, Soarin' will be located between Cinemagique (Muppet-Vision 3D) and Disney Channel Building (Stitch Live! and Disney Junior Live!)


Some of this is pretty cool, but I'm horrified at the idea of replacing Cinemagique, even with the Muppets. It's just such an awesome show as it is!


Not to be contentious, but... are you seriously hypothesizing a Wreck-It Ralph land that would be BIGGER that the rest of the park? O_o"

 (and i've always hated this "soaring-in-the-studios-cause-its-a-movie-afterall" rumour...)



I agree that it would be great to use some of the elements from Radiator Spring Racers, but I'm not so keen on the Suger Rush idea. Personally I would like to have a Star Wars land built at the back of the Studios instead of Disneyland, and make it really elaborate with a mountain backdrop from the podracing sequence in Star Wars episode 1. Then I would like them to use the technology from Radiator Spring racers to make an attraction of the podracing. There are a lot of different elements and designs they could use for different areas of the Star Wars land, and in the middle I would like a small lake (maybe they could use the one from the Naboo sequence in the films). A daily Star Wars stunt show on the water would be great (or an evening spectacular with fountains). If it's feasible it would be nice to move Star Tours to the studios (and update it to Star Tours 2), but it would be okay to leave it at Disneyland also, I think.

Then I would like them to extend Hollywood Boulevard with real buildings and shops all the way down to the lake at Star Wars land, and maybe build the Carthay Circle Theatre at the end with a nice restaurant like at DCA. The studio tram tour could either go over a bridge or in a tunnel under the extended street (with a new exhibit in the tunnel). I would actually keep the entrance, I think it's quite okay, but I would like them to place a nice table service restaurant inside studio 1. I think the El Capitan façade would be better at the front of Cinemagique. I would NOT replace Cinemagique with Muppet Vision, as that is a unique and great show (and Muppet Vision is getting dated).

Replacing Animagique with Mickeys Philharmagic is a good idea I think, but maybe not a priority. Another idea for the Animagique building would be to make a brick façade like the Pixar Studios HQ in Glendale (sort of like Pixar Place in DHS) and have an exhibit of Pixar concept art, models etc.

I agree that a Marvel land/Marvel Studios would be a good choice for Studio Backlot. I would like something like the Streets of America from DHS as placemaking, and then make an Iron Man coaster out of Rock'n'Roller Coaster, an Avengers stunt show out of Moteurs Action and maybe a Thor special effects attraction in favor of Armageddon. And of course a Marvel restaurant at the Backlot restaurant.


A cheaper way to lift the quality of WDS would be to just build the New York portion of Streets of America from DHS in Backlot and call it Streets of New York. They could do that without changing the attractions in Backlot, I think, and it would work as New York is quite a typical setting in movies. They could build a 1930s New York concert venue façade for Rock'n'Roller Coaster, and the Aerosmith tour bus could still be parked outside in the "street". For Armageddon and Moteurs Action they could present the attractions with billboards on top of the new building facades (and the Armageddon vehicle outside could be moved to somewhere on the Tram Tour).