Started by BigDisneyFn, April 08, 2013, 05:29:35 PM

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I know what your think not disney related but i think this could actually work well if not made brilliantly you could go into the old sort of car you see frances (baby) and her family traveling in the begining of the film with the song Be My Baby then next gate DO you love me, then iconic scene from the film then hungry eyes scene then YES. And more iconic scenes from the film could be at the start. The oviusly the Famouse I've had the Time of my Life could finish the ride.
Just been watching the film and thinking this for UNIVERSAL but then again this could go in the Studios if you think about it MGM in orlando has the great movie ride so why can't we have DIRTY DANCING THE RIDE.
I can see them being animatronics like in Pirates of the carribien. Do you love me could be like the haunted mansion ball room scene. And these are my ideas ;)