Big Thunder Mountain Interactive Queue

Started by DisneyManiac, March 24, 2013, 09:31:56 PM

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:hello: Everyone!

Ok, so I have this idea for the greatest themed ride (IMO) in DLRP, Big Thunder Mountain. So let's start with my first idea.

Powering Stations


After 20 years of being claimed as redundant, the Big Thunder Mining Company is back in business! But they need...YOU!


Before you enter the Queue, the 'Big Thunder Mountain' Entrance sign has another sign underneath it, reading 'Under New Management'. So as you enter the Queue some new machinery has been added outside the 'Boarding Station', outside the 'Boarding Station' there is a sign, the station has been renamed to 'The Boarding Station', the sign reads:

The Boarding Station
Restricted Area
Miners Only

More Soon...