Started by BigDisneyFn, February 13, 2013, 06:08:34 PM

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What would we all like to see for the 25th anniversary I'm saying Fantasmic or world of colour or maybe even ARIELS ADVENTURE'S UNDER THE SEA or perhaps a ride for Enchanted or Tangled or a diffrent disney film. And the new MARVEL area. Mickey's phillirmagic and a new night and day parade. Or BE OUR GUEST Restraunt from WDW as we were ment to get Ariels Adventure's Under the Sea AND Be Our Guest restraunt after the DLRP even opened but they lost funds for them and the USA parks now have them I just think it would be a shame if DLRP didn't get anything big for it's 25th anniversary. Anyone heard anything big happening for the 25th anniversary yet  ;)