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Started by david, February 06, 2013, 01:09:10 PM

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If you're anything like me, I'm sure you've at least considered decorating your house/flat/bedroom with some of the attraction posters from around the parks-- you know the ones-- Videopolis, orbitron, phanton manor... you name it, they all look great!

Since DLP still don't seem to be in the mood for selling these brilliant posters the only way to get these seems to be by trawling through the web and printing them out yourself.-- They're out there, its just a case of finding them! So wouldn't it be great if we could put all these images together?

To kick things off, I recently found a high res poster for Space Mountain on disneyandmore and managed to print it out in A3 and it looks glorious!... ... 1285541654

Have you spotted any more nice high resolution posters out there?


Yes those Posters are really nice :) would be great if DLP sold them...  :(

But your link isn't working  :o
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thanks! it should be fixed now


I would have so many of these posters if they sold them, they are gorgeous :)
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You really have to question the business accumen of DLRP, this topic comes up repeatedly and it seems that it is just one of the many things that they have turned their back on commercially! The most glaring example of them missing out on opportunities is Disney Dreams, almost a year on and still no mass  souvenirs for sale!
I just don't understand this aspect of DLRP, it seems so obvious to offer the public a chance to spend more money!!


Yeah it's a shame- go to The Storybook Store and you'll just find these empty poster stands in the back of the shop.


I love them too. Giv you that "Disneyland"-feeling. My personally fave is this one:

Couldnt find a high res pic of it.

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I really wished disney could sell these,
:D I really want one


For those that are into the amazing poster art, check out the book "Poster Art of the Disney Theme Parks" - its a really nice book
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