How many rides per day do you do?

Started by perrollaz, February 01, 2013, 09:30:58 PM

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I wonder if some of you do it as me only having one or two rides per day when staying at the parc.
Or do you try to get as many rides as possible a day?

I really prefer just to walk around in the park and have enjoy the small attractions/rides like Nautils,
Le Château, La Tanière du Dragon, Discovery / Liberty Arcade, Railroad, Advernture Isle, La Cabane des Robinson etc etc.
And yes, to have a stop at the restaurants having some sweets between of each of these attractions ;-)

That brings me to such a very relaxed happy mood.

What about you?


Me again :P

I try to do as many rides as possible... but on the third day when i did most of them i take it pretty slow... i guess... But I'm always acting like it's the last time I'll be there... 'cause I'll never know when I'll be there again... :D
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Depends on.
If the weather is kind of bad, rain once in a while, we get to do as good as everything.

When it's sunny and 30°C and packed in the park, in September 2011, we managed to do 3 rides in 1 day  *sigh*.


I think we try to go on at least 4 rides a day (depending on what time of the year we go) but at least once a day we take time to wonder around the park and soak up the atmosphere  :ears:

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I think I am like you, Perrollaz. I love walking around, checking all the details. I can spend the day without going to any ride and be really happy. Actually, I did this one day last trip and it was great.


We try to do as many rides as possible. Fast pass quite a few of them. Whilst my eldest is off playing on the fast rides i use the time to go in shops. We try to leave half a day  or an early return from the park on the night to do shopping for gifts. We've been so often we usually know the shops we want to go to to get the gifts.


Quote from: "Rafael"I think I am like you, Perrollaz. I love walking around, checking all the details. I can spend the day without going to any ride and be really happy. Actually, I did this one day last trip and it was great.

Aah, that sounds very comftable :-D
It's so nice to have such days at DLRP- so peaceful even it is crowded with people. Really don't get behind why I hate all the crowd during working days here in the trainstation, during lunch etc. but love it at DLRP?!

Sulley's Arms

If we are only at DLP for 2-3 days, we'll probably do 10-15 rides per day, maybe more depending on queue times.

If we're there a little longer, then we would normally mix it up, rushing around rides one day and taking a stroll around the parks another!

But we always have to do EMH ;), break for pastries & coffee mid-morning.  In fact we'll often take our lunch with us and go on a ride with a fairly long queue (40 mins or so) and eat whilst we're queueing - 2 birds, 1 stone!
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i honestly couldnt tell you how many we do in a day, i think the bet count is 9 goes on the tot in one day plus rides on rnrc, sm and btm we park hopped all day that day....but  we always go for 5 days, and its usually rides non stop from arrival to leaving (even pushed it really close once for leaving having a last ride on the tot) but i think we are going to take it a bit slower this time x
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We always aim for a minimumn of 15 and always take advantage of extra magic hours to do things like Peter Pan and Dumbo as well as Buzz lightyear then when the rest of the park opens go straight on something like big thunder to limit our queueing