Your Previous Trips - when and which hotel?

Started by shell_ely, February 16, 2007, 02:09:15 PM

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Hi all, since 1992 i have made over 80 trips to Disneyland Paris all trips for 4/5 days and most of the time in Disney's Hotel Santa Fe and at the Davey Crockett Ranch


We stayed at the Sequoia Lodge this time! In GoldenForrest Club! It was great! We would sta there again. :)


I stayed at the Kyriad and would happily do so again.


Last weekend we stayed at the parks and suites prestige, only a few minutes from dlrp and very spacious rooms!


Day trip first year it opened
1996 Davy crocket
1999 Santa Fe
2013 hotel Newport bay
Feb 14 seqioa  lodge


1995 Santa Fe
1997 Cheyenne
1999 Santa Fe
2004 Santa Fe
2007 day trip
2008 somewhere of site
2009 day trip (June)
2009 somewhere of site (august)
2010 somewhere of site (April)
2010 Santa Fe (June)
2011 somewhere of site
2012 bussy st george (of site) (April)
2012 bussy st george (august)
2013 bussy st george

and upcoming
January - 2014 cheyenne

And that makes a total of 15 times  ;D   first time at 5 years old... latest at 23  ;D
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1996 Santa Fé
1999 Cheyenne
2000 Santa Fé
2009 Santa Fé
2014  Sequoia Lodge - Golden Forest (12-14th february)


Since 1992 all of the Disney Hotels, all the partner ones in Magny-le-Hongre and several of the off site ones (Campanile/Kyriad/camp sites etc)


We just got started  :D .

2013 Newport Bay
2014 Disneyland

My husband thinks that after Disneyland we have seen enough of Disney. Well I am not so sure. i feel a new tradition coming up.  ;D [size=78%] The children really like it too. And I will be more than happy to stay at Sequoia, New port Bay or Cheyenne. [/size]


March 1999- Hotel Cheyenne 4days
March 2007- Newport bay 4days

Jan 2008- Hotel Cheyenne 4days

Dec 2009- Hotel Cheyenne 5days
March 2010- Sequioa lodge 4days
Sept 2010- Sequioa lodge 5days
March 2011- Santa fe 5days
Sept 2011- Hotel Cheyenne 5days
March 2012- Sequioa lodge 5days
Sept 2012- Hotel new York 4days
Dec 2012- Sequioa lodge hotel 5days
March 2013- Disneyland hotel 5days
Sept 2013- Sequioa lodge 5days
March 2014- Hotel cheyenne 5days

Upcoming September 2014 HTY!! :)

As you can see I've stayed in all the on-site hotels, but I have to admit the DLH is by far the nicest. The location is brilliant.
Although all the other hotels are fine and we've enjoyed each stay I must say! Our last visit from 16-20 march in Cheyenne was fine. But I will add that the Cheyenne is in desperate need of a refurb. The card key slot was almost hanging of the wall wich made it difficult to get card in properly, handles broken of drawer unit, sink was blocked.
So I am glad we booked HNY for sept yay! I prefer march to sept, for 2 reasons one it's cheaper! And two it's quiter :) allthough I'm toying with booking a dec trip up.... Decisions decisions!


Visited for the first time in July 2004, whilst staying in the city of Paris with my OH on our first holiday together.
Went back in December 2013 when my OH was now my DH and our twin boys, aged 19 months. Stayed in the HNY for 4 nights.
Going back again this December, and again staying in the HNY, they serve hot breakfast and it's a short walk for little legs!


~1995 or 1996 Camp Davy Crockett (long time ago, sorry)

2012 : 25th - 27th September - Newport Bay
2014 : 14th - 18th September - Disneyland


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2008 :
- 2 days and 1 night - 17th to 18th August.
2009 :
- 3 days and 2 nights - 10th to 12th July.
2010 :
- 2 days and 1 night - 3rd to 4th April.
- Day trip - 17th July.
- Day trip - 29th July.
- Day trip - 23rd August.
2011 :
- Day trip - 15th January.
- 5 days and 4 nights at the Disney's Hotel New York - 21st to 25th Februrary.
- Day trip - 14th August.
- Day trip - 28th August.
- 3 days and 2 nights at the Disney's Hotel New York - 20th to 22nd October.
- 2 days and 1 night at the Vienna International Dream Castle - 26th to 27th November.
2012 :
- Day trip - 4th March.
- 4 days and 3 nights at the Disney's Hotel New York in Lake view - 4th to 7th June.
- Day trip - 7th July.

Update (of course, still in 2012):

- 4 days and 3 nights at the Vienna International Dream Castle - 11th to 14th August.
- Day trip - 29th August.
- Day trip - 7th October.
- Day trip - 13th October.


2013 :
- 4 days and 3 nights at the Disney's Hotel New York in Empire State Club in Lake view - 18th to 21st February.
- Day trip - 3rd March.
- Day trip - 2nd July.
- 4 days and 3 nights at the Disney's Hotel New York in Lake view - 26th to 29th August.


- Day trip - 6th October
- Day trip - 13th October
- Day trip - 27th October
- Day trip - 10th November
- Day trip - 24th November
- 2 days and 1 night at the hiPark - 14th to 15th December

- Day trip - 12th January
- Day trip - 26th January
- Day trip - 17th February
- Day trip - 6th March
- Day trip - 16th March
- Day trip - 18th May
- Day trip - 25th May
- Day trip - 2nd July
- Day trip - 16th July
- Day trip - 27th July
- Day trip - 10th August
- Day trip - 14th August
- Day trip - 27th August
- Day trip - 31st August
- Day trip - 14th September
- Day trip - 5th October
- Day trip - 26th October
Next trip: 23rd to 27th February 2015, 2 nights at the Disney's Sequoia Lodge and 2 nights at the Disney's Hotel New York


It all started in...

October 2001- halloween by coach a surprise by my mum
November 2002- bonfire night by coach with my mum and dad
November 2003- bonfire night by aeroplane bhx- cdg
December 2004- christmas bynaeroplane bhx-cdg
October 2005- halloween and bonfire over lapping
September 2006- summer
February 2007- half term, valentines day
December 2008- christmas and new year
May 2009- got engaged and it was the start of the summer festivals changung over from spring

I have had to wait 5 years to goback and going in the less than 3 weeks. So excited that it will be christmas, i always tend to go now when the kids are at school as i do find it is alot quieter to enjoy it as a big kid.

Disney Matt

Been on 5 trips the 1st being at the small age of 5 years old!

1995 - Santa Fe
July 2007 - Dream Castle
December 2009 - Cheyenne
December 2012 - Santa Fe
December 2014 - Sequoia Lodge

Best hotel by was Sequoia Lodge. December is cold but worth it cause of the amazing Christmas theming :)
Hotel Santa Fe - 95 / Dream Castle - Jul 07 / Hotel Cheyenne - Dec 09 / Hotel Santa Fe - Dec 12 / Sequoia Lodge - Dec 14 / Sequoia Lodge - Feb 16 / Newport Bay Club - Halloween 16 / Newport Bay Club - Feb 17