Your Previous Trips - when and which hotel?

Started by shell_ely, February 16, 2007, 02:09:15 PM

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my trips :

1990 : august wdw  polynesian resort 7 nights 8 days
1997 : august  disneyland hotel 2 nights / 3 days
1997 : august dlp newport bay club 3 nights / 4 days
2003 : august  dlp disneyland hotel 2 nights / 3 days
2005 : july dlp disneyland hotel 2 nights / 3 days
2005 : august dlp disneyland hotel 2 nights / 3 days
2006 :august wdw grand floridian 4 nights / 5 days and beach club 2 nights / 3 days
2007 : may dl  disneyland hotel 2 nights / 3 days
2008 : april dpl  disneyland hotel 4 nights / 5 days  (BOOKED)
2008 : august coming soon :D  wdw (my 10th time in a disney park party)

some votes about the hotels i've stayed in :

polynesian resort wdw : 8,5 type of room : deluxe room ovelooking seven seas lagoon
note : my first disney hotel  :oops:
disneyland hotel dlp : 9,5 type of room : standard room
note : the best for me I LOVE IT ! my 2nd home
newport bay dlp : 7,5 type of room : family room
note : very cute and themed hotel it's always  my 2nd choice in disneyland paris
grand floridian resort & spa : 9  type of room : junior suite
note : the best disney hotel in the world WOW but my heart prefer disneyland hotel paris for now  :)
beach club : 9 type of room : PRESIDENTIAL SUITE  :D  :D  
note : i don't know why but here for 2 days  i stay in the presidential suite of beach club MY GOD ! no comment !


Well as in my signature section, with a little added info.  :D

Nov 2005........16th - 19th.....3 Nights/4 Days

Santa Fe:
Jan 2005.........04th - 07th.....3 Nights/4 Days
Aug 2006........27th - 30th.....3 Nights/4 Days
May 2007........06th - 09th.....3 Nights/4 Days
Oct 2007.........29th - 01st.....3 Nights/4 Days

disney dreams

I have been to dlrp 4 times with a 5th booked for October 6th.  We have always gone for 3 nights although we would love to go for longer. We have always found in 3 nights and 4 days long enough and can get round almost everything we want to do.  

Dec 2004 - When booking we didnt know which hotel to choose.  We eventually decided and booked the Sequia lodge mainly because of the price.  A few weeks before we went we were upgraded to the newport bay at no extra cost.  We were delighted. As I am christmas mad aswell as Disney mad we had to make our first trip to disney in the Christmas season.  It was brilliant and so magical.  My first memories were arriving at the Newport bay with all the Christmas decorations and pluto in the lobby who my son absolutely loves and thats all he wanted to do meet pluto so that made our holiday right away.  The second memory was Cafe Mickeys.  We went hear for lunch when we arrived not knowing what to expect.  What a treat and a great start to our disney holiday.  After cafe Mickey we headed down to the park, our breaths were taken away all seven of us stood in amazement of the arches lit up all the way down the main street with christmas decorations everywhere and snow falling on us.  It just got better and better.  

Dec 2005 - Decided to book the New York hotel.  Were very pleased with it when we arrived.  Excellent holiday highlight was my son dressed up as peter pan on the last night in cafe mickey, Mr Smee came and took him by the hand to find captain hook.  My 3yrs old son and captain hook stood in the middle of cafe mickey having a sword fight :lol: This made my sons holiday it was fantastic. Just as good as the first time.

Dec 2006 - Decided to book the New York this time upgrade to a lake view room.  A few weeks before we went I recieved a phone call offering us an upgrade to the Disneyland Hotel.  We were exstactic.  We would never of paid the price to stay there our selfs so it was a real treat.  We could not wait to get there.  The hotel was lovely but compared to the others we had stayed in I could not justify paying the difference in price for what you got.  The only bonus I found was that you had no walking to do to get to the park but I enjoy the walk back to the hotels through the disney village anyway.  It was handy for us this year as our youngest was 5 months old and we could pop back at anytime to feed him extra so we really appreciated the upgrade.

Dec 2007  - Booked to go to Newport bay again loved this hotel first time around so thought we would upgrade to admirals floor.  We were given a room with a balcony that was lovely.  The only thing that spolit this hotel was the breakfasts to overcrowded and hectic and the lift with having a 1yr old and a pushchair it was a nightmare.

Oct 2008 - Decided to go for hollween this year for a change and my son has wanted to go for halloween for the past couple of years.  My relatives have just came back and stayed in the sequia lodge.  They have stayed in the same hotels as we have and they said it was the best by far.  We will wait and see but really looking forward to the cosy atmosphere it is supposed to have.  

Sorry it was a bit long but as I have just joined the forum I had a few years to write about!! :D
Dec 2004 - Newport Bay
Oct 2005 - WDW Florida
Dec 2005 - New York
Dec 2006 - Disneyland Hotel
Dec 2007 - Newport Bay
Oct 2008 - Sequia Lodge


Oct. 1992 -  Santa Fe                              
April 1993 -  Cheyenne
April 1994 - Sequoia
Oct. 1995 - Cheyenne
April 1996 - Cheyenne
Oct. 1996 - Cheyenne
Oct. 1998 - Cheyenne
April 1999 - Cheyenne
Oct. 2001 - Cheyenne
April 2004 - Cheyenne
May 2008 - Sequoia

Stayed most of the times 3 days/2 nights or 4 days/3 nights.

March 1995 - Walt Disney World Florida

March 1995 - Walt Disney World Florida


July 07'- DLRP- Hotel Santa Fe- 4 nights stay
October 00'- Disneyland California- Pacific Hotel (now Paradise Pier Hotel)
December 96'- WDW- off-property
December 95'- WDW- Dixielandings Resort Alligator's Bayou (now Port Orleans)

and our upcoming visit to DLRP from Aug 1st, to Aug 6th!!! can't wait!!!!


Previous trips
December 2001- Santa Fe
February 2003- Sequoia
August 2004- Santa Fe
April 2008- Sequoia

Upcoming trips
End of July 2008- Newport Bay Club

(Any useful info about Newport Bay Club would be appreciated (by PM) Thanks :) )


Only previous trip to DLRP:

3rd-8th September 07, stayed in the Santa Fe :)

Planning a lot more trips in the coming years!  =D>



Only previous trip to DLRP is 11th- 13th of Febuary 07 Sequioa lodge!  

Hoping for another trip in October with my boyfriend for his 21st! hopefully catching either Halloween or Bombfire night!

We will hopefully go again and again!


Quote from: "wendybird1"Only previous trip to DLRP is 11th- 13th of Febuary 07 Sequioa lodge!

sorry folks this is a lie! this is the only recent trip! i went twice with my parents when i was younger! oops!  :roll:



We've stayed at the following hotels over the past few years :

2004        4 Nights / 5 Days      Hotel New York
2005        4 Nights / 5 Days      Hotel New York
2006        4 Nights / 5 Days      Disneyland Hotel
2006        4 Nights / 5 Days      Hotel New York
2007        4 Nights / 5 Days      Hotel New York
2008        4 Nights / 5 Days      Sequioa Lodge

and our next trip this year in August - woohoo ! :D/

2008        4 Nights / 5 Days      Hotel New York
I think you tell from my list we love the Hotel New York best !  =D>

I hope this helps.

From the mansion on the hill
Shrieks of laughter break the still
Ghoulish figures start to wake
Makes your knees begin to quake

DLRP - We\'ve been there one or two times .....


August 2006- Holiday inn 4 star hotel
April 2007- Santa Fe
November 2007- Santa Fe
July 2008- Santa Fe :)

Aveen xxx
Luv Aveen xoxo


6th October 2008 - Santa Fe

Upcoming Holidays

Past Holidays
2000 - Disneyland Paris - Sequoia Lodge
5th - 12th October 2008 - Santa Fe | My Trip Report][/url] | My Trip
Photos: //
Feb. 2012 - Florida - Radisson Hotel Orlando-Lake Buena Vista


1990 - don't remember how many nights Hotel Santa Fe
1992 - 3 nights Newport Bay Club
2001 - just a day trip, hotel inside Paris
2002 - 3 nights Hotel New York
2007 - 4 nights Hotel Santa Fe
2008 - just a day trip, no hotel


June 1992 Hotel in Paris (coach trip) 2 nights.
July 1993 Santa-Fe 3 nights
March 1994 Newport Bay 1 night
July 1994 3 nights Cheyenne
July 1995 3 nights SF
July 1996 3 nights SF
July 1997 3 nights SF
October 1998 3 nights SF
July 1999 3 n SF
July 2000  "
July 2001  "
July 2002  "
July 2003  "
July 2004  "
July 2005  "
July 2006  "
July 2007  "
July 2008 3 nights at the Disneyland Hotel.
Although we usually go at the end of July, some of the above may be 1st week in August.
We broke with tradition this year and stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and it was worth every penny not to have to fight for a place on the shuttle and to go for breakfast when you felt like it and not hurry to get there for a set time.
The food's pretty good there as well. Just to walk out of the doors and into the park was quite a thrill and no rushing to beat the crowds. We just waited in the stores until everyone had gone :D
Some serious saving to do for next year.
Oh, a word of warning. Don't touch anything in the mini bars. They are run by computer and, if you lift it out, you pay for it (even if you put it back) - we met a couple who did just that!


My first trip was in 2002 with my school at the time. We went by coach which takes 12 hours from where I live, and stayed 16-18th Jan in the Cheyenne. Great trip but freezing!

Then I went with my partner in 2004 for his 18th birthday by coach 25th-27th Nov. We stayed in the Santa Fe. It was his first time there and he loved it (I don't think we'd be together today if he didn't!) The Christmas season at Disney had just started and it was a great way to get us in the holiday mood.

Then we went again in 2005. We went 6-8th July and stayed in the Santa Fe again, but this time we went by Eurostar and have always gone by Eurostar since, best way to travel personally. This was memorable as we found out from an American lady on the shuttle bus back to the hotel that London had been bombed. We rushed off the bus and spent most of that evening watching BBC news in our room in total disbelief.

Then we went in 2007 for the launch of the 15th celebration. We went from the 28th March to the 2nd April. We stayed in the Cheyenne. It was amazing to be there as everyone was so excited and everything for the celebration was brand new.

It was so good that we decided to go again in Sept of 2007, 16-19th. We were planning to stay in the Sequoia Lodge but the travel agent quoted us twice the price than in the brochure. Unfortunately we had to go with that certain travel agent as my partner had won gift vouchers from work. So we stayed in the Cheyenne again.

Our next trip is in October, 30th- 4th November. We're there for Halloween, we've also booked the party in the evening and we're there for the first night of the bonfire celebrations, we're staying in the New York. We've gone all out on this trip as it's our last in while, got a lot to save up for :(  

I haven't been as lucky as my sister on her trips. She booked the Santa Fe for her family and got a free upgrade to the Cheyenne. They then contacted her two weeks before she went saying they had double booked and gave her another free upgrade to the Newport Bay, some people just get all the luck!
Jan 2002- Cheyenne,
Nov 2004- Santa Fe,
July 2005- Santa Fe,
March 2007- Cheyenne,
Sept 2007- Cheyenne,
Oct 2008- HNY,
Jan 2010- Santa Fe,
Sept/Oct 2013- Cheyenne (Alice's first trip),
Feb 2015- DLH (Isaac's first trip and Alice's birthday trip)
June 2016- Sequoia Lodge