Your Previous Trips - when and which hotel?

Started by shell_ely, February 16, 2007, 02:09:15 PM

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August 1995 - Hotel New York (4 nights)
July 2002 - Hotel Cheyenne (7 nights)
April 2003 - Newport Bay Club (4 nights)
October 2006 - Hotel Cheyenne (5 nights)
December 2007 - Hotel New York (booked, 4 nights)
March/April 2008 - Sequoia Lodge (booked, 4 nights)

Trying to fit in some more trips in '08, if the budget will stretch!  :lol:


March 1996 - Hotel Cheyenne
June 1999 - Hotel Cheyenne
September 2007 - Hotel Cheyenne.

It's well themed and affordable so a good choice  :wink:


Quote from: "tubbsy"October 2001 Santa Fe-loved it, nice n basic

June 2002 New York-(mix up with room. up graded to lake view.)


August 2006 Sequoia-loved it.

Should have been June 2007 at Newport Bay-unfortunately, hubby wont be back from over seas in time  :(   ....

So October 2007 - we've decided to go for Cheyenne, then we can save some money to spend on a birthday tea, Buffalo Bill, breakfast, and one of those Cinderella slipper ice creams! .... :D
And we will miss the High School Musical show. Another up side!

I'm deffo going to see you there..... I'm in Cheyenne too lol!

Woooo  :D/



1992 - Hotel Outside Park
1993 - Hotel Outside Park

2005 - Cheyenne
2006 - Cheyenne

2007 - Sequoia, Montana Room
2008 - Sequoia, Montana Room

I absolutely love the parks and would definately recommend to anyone thinking of going to stay in a Disney hotel, they are fab. :minnie:


pjulie I presume you thought the extra money for Sequoia over Cheyenne was worth it as you've booked there again next year?


Hi, yes I think it is worth it.  There is no scrum for breakfast and you don't need to find a clean table, you get seated at a nice table suitable for your family.  When we checked into the room there was a soft toy Eeyore keyring for each of my kids on the bed and the first evening when we returned to the room, some chocolate coins had been left on the bed - really nice welcoming touch.   A nice gift from Mickey.  Mini bar in room, we also used this to put our own Cokes and chocolate bars in.  The bar area is really comfortable, but a bit pricey.  There is an area set-up for a Character Photograph, really nice.  There also is a larger area for the kids to play inside, with some building bricks, colouring in and a few nice there was a Castmember painting faces and playing games.  Swimming pool too.  I do really like Cheyenne too, but for a little bit more money, I feel it is well worth it.  Next Easter I paid £200 extra to stay at Sequoia.  Any questions, I would be glad to answer.


Hi pjulie, so glad to hear you enjoyed the Sequoia Lodge.

We have stayed in the Santa Fe, Cheyenne, and for the past 2 years Newport Bay Admirals floor, lake view. We always fancied the Sequoia Lodge so in 10  days time (10 December) we will be arriving there for a 5 night stay in a Montana room.  

There are six of us going, ranging from my youngest who is 9 to my mother and father in law (late sixties) in two rooms, and like the sound of the breakfast being more calmer/relaxed than the cheyenne.

I have a quick question, Is there a kettle in the room, or can you hire one from reception. This year we are travelling by eurostar and not the car, so are having to watch what we carry. (leaves us more space for buying Disney items)  :D  :D


this is quite some digging in my memory... I don't have all the years and date's but we went to the following hotels

Santa Fe (2x)
Sequoia Lodge (2x)
Newport Bay (1x)
Holiday Inn Circus (1x and going again next year in March)
Kyriad hotel (2x) (including last year)

We now prefer the disney selected hotels as they seem in better shape than the disney hotels and the staff is very friendly there. The price is also cheaper and the breakfast (in my opinion) is just as good (Kyriad) or better (Holiday Inn).
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We didn't hire a kettle but I am sure you can at reception.  We hired an ironing board at there

The hotel is really good for all age ranges and your family will adore it.  It is really relaxed at breakfast and there are a few couches around the lobby area which are nice to just sit and relax.  The pool is lovely too.  It is FAB :minnie:


We've been 14 times since 1997 hard to remember the dates. Stayed in Santa Fe the first few times then in Neport Bay once and the last five or six times in Seqoiua lodge


1992 May: Santa fe Loved it all shny and new!

1995 September: Kissimme Florida 2 weeks WDW!

1996 December: Santa fe, Hunchback christmas! Giant bells everywhere!

2000 September: Santa fe, I had just come home from New york and had some money left over if that is even possible, so I booked another holiday straight away, I think I had been home for 4 days before i was off again! This was also the first time I got to use my 35% Castmember discount!

2005 November: Santa fe, not much fun this time round, I had fractured my back in a motorcycle accident so couldn't go on any rides due to a back brace :(

2006 October: Santa fe, Halloween! first time I got my husband to come with me and he loved it! Still no rides this time round, back was better, but I was about 7months pregnant

2007 December: Seqoia lodge :( not happy with the hotel at all.  stuck on the basement floor of the south wing facing into the hotel, miles away from the pool! and it took two hours after check in to get a cot for my little one. Also the pool was cold!

Even after all this I can't wait to go back in september 2008 and am planning a trip to WDW in 2009!


Jan 03 - Cheyenne

Feb 04, Oct 05, Feb 06, Oct 06, Feb 07, Sept 07 and Feb 08 - Santa Fe! :-)


July 28th - August 1st 2003: My Travel Explorers (Honeymoon)
May 2004 Sequioa Lodge
July 2006 Le Patio St Antoine @ Nation
December 2007 Kyriad
July 2003 My Travel Explorers
May 2004 Sequoia Lodge
July 2006 Patio St Antoine @Nation (RER commute to DLRP)
December 2007 Kyriad Val de France
August 2009 Hotel New York
May 2015 Hotel Cheyenne


let me see
2003 - santa fe 4 nights
2004 - santa fe 4 nights
2005 - sequioa standard 5nights
2006 - explorers 1 night sequioa montana 3 nights suite 2 nights
2007 - dream castle 1 night new york 5 nights
2008 - (5 weeks and 2 days may i add woohoo) explorers 1 night new york 4 nights
sooooooooo excited  :stitch_bounce:  :cheshire_bounce:  :stitch_bounce:  :cheshire_bounce:  :stitch_bounce:


i have been 8 times:

1999 new york
2000 new york
2001 new york
2002 new york
2003 new york
2006 sequioa lodge
2007 new york
2008 new york

Future trips

2009 new york

out of new york and sequioa i definateely choose new york and i like going in the february half term.
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Hotel New York = 10 times
Sequoia Lodge = 1 time

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