Your Previous Trips - when and which hotel?

Started by shell_ely, February 16, 2007, 02:09:15 PM

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January 2012, 3 nights at Hotel Cheyenne.
My first trip ever to Disneyland Paris!
I loved every minute of it. I´m already dying to go back there.  :D

Summer 1994 - Hotel Cheyenne - coach - Me, my sister, mum and dad
First trip ever.  I don't remember much of it, but I remember I was too scared to ride It's a Small World, as I had an idea that it featured big dinosaurs!  :lol:

Summer 1996 - Hotel Santa Fe - coach - Me, my sister, mum and dad
I remember much more from this trip. I really started to pay attention to the fantastic entertainment, streetmosphere and general atmosphere that filled every inch of DLP back then. I've also been told that I went completely crazy when my parents took me (and my sister) to Paris for an afternoon! I did not want to!!

Summer 1998 - Hotel Sequoia Lodge - coach - Me, my sister, mum and dad
A very fond memory. I remember that I got a jungle explorers hat (not Indy, no character), that I had wanted already in 1996, so I could really explore Adventure Isle. I also remember that only my dad and my sister went to Paris this year - they had learned from '96 ;)

Easter 2001 - Hotel Santa Fe - coach - Me and my mum
Perhaps my fondest memory of all! Me and my mum visited my sister as she was working at DLP this time. Being 11 it was very hard to live without my sister at home, so it was fantastic to visit her and spend some time with her in the heart of the magic.

Summer 2001 - Hotel Disneyland - coach - Me, my sister, mum and dad
My sister was back home as she had had some unfortunate experiences during the 1.5 month she worked at DLP - bad managers, thrown around between jobs and 6-7 different roommates. My parents wanted to show her - once again - the side of Disneyland that she loved, so we stayed at Hotel Disneyland. Amazing experience and a great trip as my sister too got to hook up again with some of the friends she had got during the time there.

Summer 2003 - Hotel Santa Fe - coach - Me, mum and dad
First family trip without my sister. First experience with the studios. Last autograph trip of mine. I started to pay much more attention to what is Disneyland for me now and what was Disneyland for me in 96. The atmosphere.

Summer 2006 - Hotel Newport Bay Club - coach - Me, mum and dad
Officially our last family trip to Disneyland and a great one of course. First time I brought a long a big camera and I remember taking loads of photos. First experience with Newport Bay Club too!

October 2008 - Hotel Newport Bay Club - coach - Me, my sister and my mum
I had finished school and found a full time job and had promised to invite my mum and sister to Halloween in Disneyland if so. First season experience and some great time with my mum and sister, who revisited Newport Bay where she had worked briefly in 2001.

October 2009 - Hotel Sequoia Lodge - coach - Me and my mum
We had to visit for another Halloween season, but my sister couldn't get time off work. A lovely time revisiting our most beloved favorites and memories of 15 years of trips.

Summer 2010 - Hotel Santa Fe - coach - Me and my friend Kristian
First trip "on my own" - with my friend Kristian. It was the first visit where I really tried Thrill Rides with my first on: TOT, Space Mountain, Star Tours and Crush' Coaster. Great, great fun including an afternoon in Paris.

December/January 2010/2011 - Hotel Santa Fe - train - Me, mum and dad
My christmas present for my parents - a new years trip. First ever Christmas in Disneyland and first ever New Years Eve away from home. Quite simply: pure magic!

Summer 2011 - Hotel Santa Fe - coach - Me and my friend Kristian
Me and Kristian repeating the success of 2010 with a wonderful summer trip. Comeback of Tarzan reminded me of when I took part in this show. First visit to Toy Story Playland and Rock'n'Rollercoaster.

To come....

Summer 2012 - Hotel Santa Fe - coach - Me and Kristian
Third consecutive summer trip with Kristian. Looking forward to celebrating 20 years of magic (18 for me).

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I remember this being my first trip without my parents and I loved it, not so much the coach ride which seemed to take forever! I was more into Disneymania than any of my friends who thought it was a trip to meet boys ( we were an all girls school lol) we went in mid november i think because i remember that the christmas celebrations were happening, and that was the time they were doing something to the castle so it was all covered up in scaffolding, which was a huge dissappointment!

September 2009- Santa Fe
Persuaded my partner ( who has no interest in disney) to take us and our then two and half year old daughter to disney and I loved it! The fact that i got to see the castle without scaffolding was breathtaking as it signifies that you are in the world of disney! seeing my daughters face watching the parades and meeting the characters ( not even scared about them bless her) was a tear jerker for me and a memorable trip indeed!

Jan 2011- Santa Fe
my partner was more willing to go this time as we had a real bargin in the price and he knew what to expect, so we done a lot more, went to see the buffalo bill show, which was average on the food side, but a great way to wind down the evening, and we took every opportunity to use our half boards for character meals i think we had three meals at the lucky nugget saloon and two at cafe mickey which was wonderful for my daughter who was even more taken in by it all, only bad side was that it was -6 on our first day and stayed like that until we left, lucky i was prepared. and the hotel had a refurb which was better than the previous stay although i know people have complained about it in the past but i think that considering you are on site and at the cheapest hotel you cant expect too much, but i liked it considering all we done was go straight to bed as soon as we got back into the rooms!

March 2012- Sequoia Lodge!

counting down the days and i cannot wait, my daughter definately has caught the disney bug from me and I have decided that I know the parks well enough to venture on my own with her, and looking forward to being in a different hotel! We popped into the sequoia lodge on our last trip when our daughter was having a toilet moment issue and said to myself that if i was going to come back again anytime soon i would stay in this hotel, so cannot wait to see what it has to offer, my daughter remembers sooo much from her last visit and has already told me where she wants to go so it will be great fun, only down side is that i wont be able to go on the tower of terror as my daughter is too young and would be scared, so have to give that a miss, have told all my family that this would be my last trip to dlp until she is old enough to go to florida, but i have already been looking at going for a few days during the christmas season  


Hi everyone.
I stayed in Sequoia Lodge in the end of August 2005. That was the last time I was in Disneyland. We are returning this year in June 2012 and guess where we are staying Sequoia Lodge. This hotel is beautiful as its cosy in winter and beautiful camp site in the summer. The rooms have been done up this year and they are fabulous and cant wait to go this summer. When I stayed in the lodges the last time I loved the walk up to the hotel for breakfast early in the morning. Thats when you recognise you are in sunny and warm Disney, Paris, France


May 2004 - Sequoia Lodge - DH and son
September 2005 -Newport Bay - DH and 2 sons
June 2006 - Sequoia Lodge - DH and 2 sons
June 2007 - Sequoia Lodge - DH and 3 sons
December 2007 - Cheyenne - DH and 3 sons
September 2008 - New York - DH, 3 sons and daughter
March 2009 - Sequoia Lodge - DH, 3 sons and daughter
March 2010 - Sequoia Lodge - DH, 3 sons and daughter
March 2011 - New York - DH, 3 sons and daughter
January 2012 - Sequoia Lodge - 3 sons and daughter
March 2012 (next week) - Cheyenne - DH, 3 sons and daughter.
I love how my family grew and is almost documented by our trips to Disneyland.  Each time we talk about a trip, its like thats the one where we had ? children with us etc.
Can't wait for trip 11 next week.
Sequoia  Lodge - May 2004
NPBC- September 2005
SL - June 2006
SL- June 2007
Ch -December 2007
NY - September 2008
SL - March 2009
SL- March 2010
NY - March 2011
SL - January 2012
Ch - March 2012
NPBC -March 2013
SL - February 2014
Ch - February 2015
Ch - November 2015
NPBC -March 2016
NY - November 2016
SL - April 2017
SLGF - March 2018
NY - Nov 2018
Cheyenne - Nov 2019
NY Nov 2021


March 2005 Sequoia Lodge
March 2006 Kyriad Hotel
December 2007 Sequoia Lodge
December 2009 Sequoia Lodge
December 2010 Sequoia Lodge
December 2011 Sequoia Lodge
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So far we have been to Disneyland Paris three times and the next trip already in planning...

February 2006 Santa Fe
February 2009 Kyriad
February 2012 Cheyenne

Next time we are hoping to stay in Sequoia Lodge or hotel Newport Bay.


Hmmmm - Lost track of the dates/hotels but we've stayed in all the on site hotels and the immediate ones (Explorers/Kyriad. etc) Camped near to DLP and driven in, stayed in Campaniles and driven in - 44 times and counting


been 3 times so far

june 1997 santa fe
october 2005 santa fe
march 2012 Sequoia lodge


I have only been once, that was October 2011.  We rented an apartment in Bailly-Romainvilliers for the week, which is what we are doing in June. x :D
October 2011 - Apartment in Bailly-Romainvilliers
May 2012 - Apartment in Bailly-Romainvillers

September 2018 - 12th Wedding Anniversary at Explorers Hotel - so excited!


Ist trip when I was 9 at Davy Crockett Ranch - 2002
2nd trip when I was 10 at Davy Crockett Ranch and had friends staying in New York Hotel - 2003
3rd trip when I was 12 in 2005 with my school - Kryriad
4th trip in Februrary of this year for my 2 year anniversary in Santa Fe- 2012
Next to Newport Bay in September! - 2012

Davy Crockett Ranch - May 2002
Davy Crockett Ranch - March 2003
Kyriad hotel - July 2005
Santa fe - February 2012 (Anniversary trip)
Newport Bay - September 2012!


Wow hope I can remember everything:
1996 (or so)- Newport Bay club
1998 (or so) -New york
2001- Sequoia Lodge
2004- Davy Crocket
2006- Cheyenne
2007-Newport Bay
2008- Santa Fe
2009/2010 (new year's) - Sequioa Lodge
2011-Sequoia Lodge
2012- Newport Bay Club (and they still have not renovated the rooms)

not counting pmne visit where we stayed in an etap hotel in paris and used the Metro...germs!
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My dates are listed on my signature but the time of year are: :)
1993 - October - me hubby & son aged 7
1995 - September (Florida) me, hubby & son
1997 - March - me, hubby, son, mum & dad (their 40th wedding Anniversary treat to us) 2 x brothers, sister in law, neice
1998 - October - me, hubby & son
2000- December (over Christmas) me, hubby & son
2002 - July - me, hubby &  son
2004 - January (Celebrated our 22nd Wedding Anniversary 23/1/1982) me, hubby & son
2005 - April - me, hubby son & girlfriend
2006 - October- me, hubby son & girlfriend, hubbys sister, brother in law, neice, nephew & his girlfriend
2007 - May (Hong Kong) (spent 4 weeks in China & Hong Hong to celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary) - me & hubby
2007 - October - me & hubby
2009 - August (10 members of family went to scatter some of my late husbands ashes @ Disney, a place where he was        
          always happy)
2012 - August - me, son & his girlfriend :minnie:
1993 + 2005 - Hotel Cheyenne
1995 - Walt Disney World Florida
1997 - Hotel New York
1998 - Hotel Santa Fe
2000 + 2006 + 2012 + 2014 - Sequoia Lodge
2002 + 2004 +  2009 - Newport Bay
2007 + 2015 - Hong Kong Disney
2007 - DLP (1 day visit)
2017 - Disneyland Hotel - Cinderella Suite
2018 - Disney Cruise- Mediterranean
2019 - Disneyland Hotel
2020 - Disney Merrytime Cruise - Caribbean


June 2011 - Sante Fe

We are going again in in August 2012, mum and dad paying (bless them!) so we couldn't afford a Disney Hotel. We booked through Eurostar and are staying in Explorers.


i went 7th to the 11th november 1994 when i was 10 we stayed in the davey crockett ranch and i loved it, then next visit was december 16th to 20th 2010 with my 2 children we stayed in the sante fe and the parades were amazing even if it was -11 degrees, then we went 2nd to 7th november 2011 an again stayed in the sante fe as the price was really good, this time were going the 16th to 20th september and staying in the disneyland hotel and its been booked for 7 weeks and im sick of waiting to go its my daughters favourite place in the world, she asks almost everyday when we can go back.