Your Previous Trips - when and which hotel?

Started by shell_ely, February 16, 2007, 02:09:15 PM

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Here is my list:

* august 1995: 1 day
* april 1996: Santa Fe, 3 days
* november 1997: Sequoia Lodge, 3 days
* august 1998: Newport Bay Club, 3 days
* january 1999: 1 day
* march 1999: Santa Fe, 2 days
* oktober 1999: 1 day
* september 2000: Newport Bay Club - Adm. Floor, 3 days
* september 2001: Santa Fe, 2 days
* march 2002: Santa Fe, 3 days
* september 2003: Newport Bay Club - Adm. Floor, 2 days
* march 2004: Disneyland Hotel, 2 days
* december 2004: David Crocket Ranch, 3 days
* september 2006: Santa Fe, 3 days

I'm planning to go back in september again (for us the best time: still nice weather, not too crowded) and this time we are going to stay at Hotel Cheyenne for 3 days and 3 nights.
Looking forward to it allready!!!

Don't want to miss the celebration this year, as you can see it's my 15th anniversary too!  :D


:stitch: The hotels we stayed in were
The Santa Fe September 93
The Santa Fe September 95
The Santa Fe June 2004
The Sequoia Lodge August 2004
The Kyriad Hotel October 2005
The Kyriad Hotel July 2006
Stayed off site campsite nearby 2006 (went in the park 10 days straight)
The Dream Castle Hotel 1 night  2006 then the Hotel Cheyenne for 3 nights October 2006
Christmas 2006 the Hotel Kyriad 2 nights, Newport Bay AF 5 nights Hotel New York 1 night.
Davy Crockett Ranch 5 nights February 2007.
Davy Crockett Ranch April 2007
Davy Crockett Ranch April 2007 (Yes twice in the same month) :D
Disney Hotel April 2007
Davy Crockett August 2007
Davy Crockett February 2008  
Davy crockett november 2008 3 nights


Wow you are all so lucky having been so many times!!

Well my first was 28th - 31st Dec 06 and we stayed at DCR
my next is 22nd March for 3 nights, staying at Sequoia Lodge      Not  long to go now!!!

the one after that will be late this year.

I have the disney bug!!!!
27-31 Dec 2006 DCR (first time ever and cried with happiness!!)
17-20 March 2007 Sequoia Lodge
21-25 March 2008 DCR
March 2010 Newport Bay- cant wait to go!!


I always say I want to try all the hotels but end up going back to Sequoia Lodge everytime because it's so lovely. I have a ridiculous amount off unopened Mickey soaps, shampoos and body wash things at home. We looked at the Disneyland Hotel in June but the travel agent said all they had left was the Suites and the total cost for a 4 day break would have been somewhere in the region of £2,500 which is insane.


Hi all.
Our first ever trip was just before Christmas. We went on 15th December and returned on the 18th December, really not long enough.
We stayed at the Sante Fe and it was great, didn't think much to the food at night though, we only ate there one night. The room was nice though, but it was freezing and we couldn't work out the radiator until the following day, lol, so our beds were like freezers the first night.
We're going again in July and staying at Sequoia, and for an extra night.
Love Roz


heres my list:

1996: 4 days - Newport bay
1997 3 days  - Sequoia Lodge
1998 5 days - Disneyland Hotel
1999 4 days - Disneyland Hotel
2000 5 days - Disneyland Hotel - Toon Circus or maybe year later
2001 3 days - New York
2002 2 days - Cheyanne
2002 4 days - Disneyland Hotel
2003 4 days - Disneyland Hotel
2004 3 days - Newport Bay - Kids Carnival
2005 2 days - Newport Bay
2006 - Christmas - 5 days - Sequoia Lodge

I Have Been 16 Times Alltogether But cannot remeber All The Years Etc
Where Magic Lives


September 1996 -  Cheyenne
August 1997 - Santa Fe
May 2002 - Santa Fe
Nov 2002 - Disneyland Hotel
Nov 2003 - Cheyenne

When we went in Nov 2002 we were originally booked in the Newport.  I got home from work one day, just a few days before we were due to go, and my sister said she had some news about the hotel.  The Newport was overbooked so we'd been upgraded.  Can you believe that for a split second I was actually disappointed because I'd so been looking forward to staying in the Newport?  That didn't last long :lol:

July 2007 - Sequoia Lodge


First Time 2000 out of park

2001 Cheyenne
2006 Cheyenne

And in 1 week we come to Disney's Hotel Cheyenne



Its like going down memory Lane

Hotel New York - 2003
Disneyland Hotel - 2004
Hotel New York - 2005
Hotel New York 2006

Soon to be Hotel New York 2007 - June 4th - 8th - woohoo !
From the mansion on the hill
Shrieks of laughter break the still
Ghoulish figures start to wake
Makes your knees begin to quake

DLRP - We\'ve been there one or two times .....


First ever trip was August 1994.

Stayed outside the resort at the Hotel Relais Bleu, near a town called Ponteau Compeau. Might have the spelling wrong there. :)

Only had 1 day initially in the park (a Saturday) but the coach driver messed up a trip to Paris the next day (it's a long story), and I ended up going back to Disneyland instead and doing alot of the attractions I'd missed on my first day.

Second trip was March 2006. Stayed at the Sequoia Lodge for 4 nights. Flew to Charles de Gaulle airport and took the shuttlebus to Disney. Enjoyed it so much, I immediately started planning a return visit, and was thinking along the lines of making it an annual trip.

Third trip was March 2007. Stayed at the Sequoia Lodge again, but for 5 nights this time. Drove myself, and took the ferry from Dover, and it was a much easier and more relaxing trip than the flight. I really preferred being more in control of my own schedule.

These last two Disneyland trips have made me such a huge fan of Disney, and the plan to have at least an annual trip to Disneyland seems to be becoming a reality. Can't wait to get back.


Quote from: "Martha86"I always say I want to try all the hotels but end up going back to Sequoia Lodge everytime because it's so lovely. I have a ridiculous amount off unopened Mickey soaps, shampoos and body wash things at home.

I know just what you mean. I love this hotel. The theming is fantastic, and the surrounding area is lovely. I always go down to the pool first thing in the morning - 7am when it opens - and it's a lovely walk from the main building to start the day, and the pool is usually virtually empty for that first half hour.

I brought stacks of soaps and shower gels back on both trips. I always open up 1 on the first day, and they usually last me for the best part of the week - depending how long I'm stopping, and just put all the new one's away in my case everyday when I get back at night.


nov 98 Cheyanne
feb 99  Cheyanne
sept 07 booked for santa fe
dlp nov 98, feb 99, sept 07, sept 2008
wdw 95,97,2000,2002,2005


I thought I'd have almost posted here - but somehow I haven't  :lol: So here's my small list:

1992 - 1 day (with my parents)           - without hotel (I was 8 years old)
2000 - 3 days (with my parents & brother) - Hotel Santa Fe
2004 - 2 days (with my boyfriend)           - Hotel Cheyenne
2005 - 2 days (with my boyfriend)           - Hotel Santa Fe

I hope the number of visits will grow and grow during the next years ;)
[size=85]1992 - Disneyland Paris - 1-day-trip
2000 - Disneyland Paris - Santa Fe
2004 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Cheyenne
2005 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Santa Fe
2007 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Newport BayClub
2008 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Sequoia Lodge
2009 - Walt Disney World


2002- June - Davy Crockett Ranch
2007- Feb. - Off site hotel
2007- Mar. - Off site hotel
2007- April- Davy Crockett Ranch
2007- June- Explorer's Traveler Hotel


Wow, you guys are good at remembering dates!!  I can't remember dates, (I still have baby brain at the minute) but here are the hotels we've stayed at in order of sequence:

Newport Bay Club (first visit in June 1994 I think)
Newport Bay Club
Hotel Cheyenne
Hotel Cheyenne
Newport Bay Club
Hotel Cheyenne (December 2005)
Explorers Hotel (June 2007)

I must admit I love the little ponies at Hotel Cheyenne  :)