Your Previous Trips - when and which hotel?

Started by shell_ely, February 16, 2007, 02:09:15 PM

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August 1997 offsite
August 1998 Cheyenne
May 1999 Disneyland hotel
July 2004 Cheyenne
August 2007 offsite

Next trip:

15-18/08/2010 Santa Fe
August 1997 offsite
August 1998 Cheyenne
May 1999 Disneyland hotel
July 2004 Cheyenne
August 2007 offsite
August 2010 Santa Fe
August 2011 Santa Fe
September 2015 Sequoia Lodge


August 1997 offsite (not sure what hotel though)
August 1998 Cheyenne
May 1999 Disneyland hotel
July 2004 Cheyenne
August 2007 offsite (Kyriad)

August 2010- Santa Fe (My Birthday trip,  :D/  Yay, trip report after  :thumbs: )
August 1997 - Off Site
August 1998 - Cheyenne
May 1999 - Disneyland Hotel
July 2004 - Cheyenne
August 2007 - Off Site
August 2010 - Santa Fe
August 2011 - Santa Fe
September 2015 - Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest


My Update  :mrgreen:

1st Trip    4th to 7th January 2005 [Tue-Fri] (Santa Fe)

2nd Trip   15th to 18th November 2005 [Tue-Fri] (Cheyenne)

3rd Trip   27th to 30th August 2006 [Sun-Wed] (Santa Fe)

4th Trip   6th to 9th May 2007 [Sun-Wed] (Santa Fe)

5th Trip   29th October to 1st November 2007 [Mon-Thu] (Santa Fe)

6th Trip   22nd to 25th February 2009 [Sun-Wed] (Santa Fe)

7th Trip    not soon enough.. But will be 3rd to 7th November 2010 [Wed-Sun] (Cheyenne)


Last week in september is very good time to go.

We went at that time last year and is a great time as the weather is till warm but not hot.
I have researched the prices and along with march is the cheapest time of year but would avoid this as they start the new year in april so they are winding down all the old shows and parades. Also september was completly dead. we were often alowed to stay on rides and dont think we waited for more 20min at the longest.

We stayed in the newport bay which was fine but is massave so we are trying the disneyland hotel this year.


hm... past trips and where i stayed...

i think my first trip was bak in 2001 (year i turned 11 the only time my mum got a child price for me... i think)

i dont really remember when it was i think it was in March, was a coach trip and we stayed in the Sequoia Lodge, cant remember how long for either, i think it was just one night...

2nd trip was spent staying somewhere outside the resort,

then its a bad blur, i cant remember dates or years of when we went but i have stayed in the Sequoia Lodge a further three times for 4 nights a time, i have also stayed in the New Port Bay Club 2 times again for 4 nights, but we started pretty early on travelling the day before our holiday started so we wouldnt loose any time in the parks, so i have also experienced the dream castle hotel and the explorers hotel each for 1 night,

My next trip is in Janurary and im heading for my first stay in the Disneyland Hotel... =]
past trips to DLRP ~2001~2001~2002~2003~2005~2005~2006~2008~2011~2013~2015/16~2016~2017~2019
DLH, SL, NPBC, Explorers, Dream Castle, Magic Circus, Kyraid,

upcoming trips....


2007 - August in Newport Bay: 3 days and 2 nights
2008 - August in Newport Bay: 4 days and 3 nights
2009 - July in Newport Bay: 4 days and 3 nights


February 2001 Some random hotel in Paris
September 2008 Santa Fe
December 2008 Cheyenne
February 2009 Sequoia
September 2009 Disneyland Hotel


September 2010 Kyriad
September 2011 Disneyland Hotel

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Watch and you\'ll see, someday I\'ll be Part of Your World.

Feb 2001 - Paris
Sept 2008 - Santa Fe
Dec 2008 - Cheyenne
Feb 2009 - Sequoia
September 2009 - Disneyland Hotel

ford prefect

August 1997: Day trip, stayed at Hotel Roma Sacre Coeur in Paris
April 1999: Day trip, stayed at Ibis Chateau Landon in Paris
February 2000: 3 day trip Hotel New York
This is when I get confused, I can definately say
May 2002, Ibis again.  
September 2002 Disneyland Hotel
April 2003 Newport Bay Club
December 2003 Sante Fe
February 2005 Hotel New York
August 2005 Pierre Et Vacances
October 2005 Cheyenne
In 2006 we stayed in Kyriad and Dream Castle
February 2007 Sequoia Lodge
August 2007 Sante Fe
December 2007 Sequoia Lodge
May 2008 Explorer's Hotel
February 2010 Hotel New York
August 2010 Cheyenne

In between are 3 more trips to Sequoia Lodge, 1 more to Hotel New York and 2 more to Sante fe.  There might be more, but I have honestly forgotten. We have stayed at every on site hotel and near the magic hotel excluding Magic circus and Davy Crockett.
enjoy yourself, it\'s later than you think!


hi my DLRP trips are.....
summer day trip 1993 maybe 1992 we camped nearby
summer day trip 1994 formula 1
summer day trip 1996 camped in paris
these early ones are approximate i was only 10 ish when we first went i do remember the new york hotel wasnt finished at the time.............. so it could have been 1992 when it first opened? i can remember nearly bursting with exitment!
christmas 2001 davey crockett with my parents and sister and her 3 children
christmas 2002 disneyland hotel with parents and sister and her 3 kiddies
christmas 2006 new york hotel with parents and my husband my lil boy and daughter
christmas 2007 new york hotel with parents,sister,kids,hubby and my 2!
christmas 2008 newport hotel with hubby and 2 kiddies!
christmas 2010 will be My next trip  to sequoia lodge this november for 4 nights, this is the first time for my youngest he will be 20 months when we go my eldet will be 7 and my daughter 4.
wow i didnt realise i had been that much............i never get tired of it either hehehe! :D
Been to DLP many times when I was little and now with my own children. First time 1992 and th last time was 2012! Going in  November 2017, so exited cant wait :-)



i cant remember what years but think it was 1994 we first went,
1st Cheyenne
2nd Santa Fe
3rd Newyork
4th Cheyenne
5th Sequoia
6th Sequoia
7th Newport Bay
8th Sequoia

were staying in Cheyenne this time i think, we are booking in a few weeks, while the 2days/2nights offer is on, :)

the last few times we've been have been at halloween and iv loved it, not too cold and the theming is great, we are going late november this year so be there for the christmas season which im looking forward too because i think i was 7 last time we went for the christmas season :) cant wait! my first disney trip in 4years! xx
disney fund 25/08/10 - 4nights/5days at santa fe 16th November 2010 PAID
disney spends - £0 (lol)


6-10 July 2004: Newport Bay Club
23 September 2006: Holiday Inn (now Magic Circus)
6-10 December 2006: New York
16-19 April 2007: Holiday Inn (now Magic Circus)
10-16 September 2007: Hotel Sequoia
18-23 December 2007: Hotel New York
4-13 June 2008: Hotel Cheyenne
18-22 October 2009: Hotel Cheyenne

And our next trip, 4-11 September, Hotel Thomas Cook Explorer (first night) + Hotel Cheyenne
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July 2005 - Newport Bay Hotel
July 2006 - New York Hotel
August 2008 - Newport Bay Hotel
July 2010 - DIsneyland Hotel!!


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2003 Santa Fe x2
2004 Santa Fe
2006 Cheyenne
2007 Sequoia Lodge (Montana room)
2008 New York
2009 Santa Fe
2010 Newport Bay Club & Sequoia Lodge
2010 with Dreampass spent a lot of single days or stayed at Novotel (10 min. drive)

Next trip april 2011 New York Empire State Club


We've only been once before and once to WDW Florida.  But I'm extremely excited for our next trip to DLRP in 4 weeks time  :D/
Disneyland Paris - Davy Crocketts Ranch - June 2004
Walt Disney World Florida - December 2005
Going to Disneyland Paris - Hotel Cheyenne - May/June 2011