My Last Salary

Started by MarijaS, February 04, 2013, 11:13:49 PM

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Hello to everyone!
Guys I need a help or advice! I've finished my 6 month contract in Disney on 11th of January, and still didnt get my last salary.. I'm so confused, and dont knot where to call or to write concerning this problem. On my last days I presented to Service Pay my RIB, asking to put my last salary as usual on my french bank account, but still didnt get money. And I asked other ppl who have had the same contract, everybody get it.
Please, somebody who knows why it's happening like this, or who knows where I could write or call, tell me! :D



I've finished my 2-week contract in Disney on 27th of April, and still didn't get my salary on my bank account.
I don
't know where to write concerning this problem too :'(