Planning a trip to Paris and Disneyland

Started by bethd16, January 23, 2013, 10:03:37 PM

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Hi, me and my friend are going away to Paris at the end of August for around six days and just needed some tips on the general holiday.

We haven't booked it yet (we'll be booking around April time as we need to save!) but we want to book with Expedia as they seem to have the best rates. The only worry is that if the hotels we've found are booked up by April, we need a back up website so are there any suggestions for reasonably priced websites? Plus, can anyone recommend any nice Paris hotels, located near all the attractions?

We want to spend two or three days sightseeing and shopping but the other three days at Disneyland. We're going to go midweek as I'm hoping Disneyland will be slightly quieter. I know that you can catch the RER train but can anyone give specific directions? I've navigated myself round the London Underground before with a map so I'm hoping it's not much more difficult than that! But I'd just like some basic directions on how to get there, which stations are near the Eiffel Tower (as we're hoping to be staying near there) and how much the train costs.

Also, are the restaurants, cafes and supermarkets in Paris really expensive? Just so I can get a general idea on how much money to take.

Thanks :)


Last november we took the RER to Paris from Disneyland. It was really easy. The Paris Underground works the same way as in London. We took the metro station near the Eiffel Tower and from that you just have to take the RER line and remain seated the whole way, as Disneyland is the final station (from my memory). It was really easy to do!


Hope you have a great trip!
In the past I have found the Eurostar website prices similar to Expedia, even a bit cheaper if you are combining transport. When I was booking extra nights they had availability in the Disney Hotels when expedia didn't. Also looked at Campanile, french chain of small quite basic hotels, not central but within paris and the one we booked was near the Eiffel tower.(sadly had to cancel so can't say what it was like :( )The price was very reasonable and I think we only paid a deposit, though rate is cheaper if you pay in full, non refundable etc. Last went on metro 20 years ago, I remember thinking it was easier than London,but I was very young then and the thought terrifies me now :shock: The nearest RER is Champ de Mars and nearest metro is Bir Hakeim,we're planning a day trip from disney but now hoping to drive in.