Going to Disneyland on a budget

Started by Tai, January 21, 2013, 12:18:27 AM

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Sorry, if this is not the correct place to post this. I'm new :)

I want to go back to Disneyland this year but this time I am on kinda of on a tight budget so does anyone recommended any hotels which are not owned by Disney? I was thinking of looking at some hotels in val d'europe. My budget is about £500 to £550. Last time I went to Disneyland I stayed at the Explorers and  paid £460 for the hotel + trains and the park tickets on top. I was thinking of booking the hotel direct and book the train on eurostar website.  Also where is the best place to get the park tickets from?

Thanks in advice



Sorry not really an answer to you question but I have done disney twice from outside and brought tickets and twice from disney hotels. Unless you use an IBIS hotel, which we did once before and drove in daily. I think it works out cheaper to book a disney hotel, while on a deal in off peak season. The brochures help work this out better than the site. Problem with outside is the extra fuel, the long walk once you have parked (didnt like the moving walk ways they where to slow). Not to mention the ticket prices.  Jan/feb is always a cheap time to go and great offers on at the moment. We worked out last year, our deal ment we basically got our hotel for free as the park tickets for 5 days came to almost the same price (inc breakfast and bendy buses) Santa fe and cheyenne are the cheapest hotels. Hope that helps a little.


You should have a look at promoparcs for Annual tickets its a french site and the annual ticket id cheaper than a 5 day pass  :D  If you only want a couple of day tickets they come up on ebay for sale.


Thanks for your replyies.

I've now booked it on expedia for like under £500 which was not bad. I am going to be staying in val d'europe and does anyone know how often the free shuttle bus runs? When I used to go I used to get the RER train until I found out about the free shuttle.  I've also walked which took about 20 to 25minuets from the Village.

I did buy one Disneyland Paris ticket from eBay last time I went and when I got to the park it would not work. I always had to get a cast member to give me a temporary card. Is there anywhere in val d'europe what sells them

thanks for your help