DLP 25th 27th January

Started by dreamBCN, January 19, 2013, 10:08:02 PM

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Hi everyone!

I will be at Disneyland Paris the next week, from 25th to 27th (28th in Paris, we want visit the city too!)

The main question that I have, is how is Disneyland with snow like today for example, and the first days of the next week (weather channels says that it could snow a lot tomorrow and monday).

My family and I can't return to Barcelone if we don't see Disney Dreams! At this moment, the weather websites says t that during the days that I will be at DLP,  the days could be very cold but without rain/snow.  

Anyone know if today Disney Dreams has made?

The other question that I have is about restaurants but I will ask at the subforum.

I 've booked Disney's Newport Bay Club at Admiral's Floor. Opinions about this choice?

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