Possible to do cheaply?

Started by Labyrinth, January 16, 2013, 09:58:00 PM

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I have been to dlrp before once & I'm desperate to go again.
I'm thinking maybe a just a weekend break but I was just wondering is it possible to do it cheaply.
 :P thanks
Feb 2007- Hotel Newport Bay
April 2013- Sequoia Lodge


I think it's quite an expensive weekend trip but it is possible to make things cheaper :D I would recommend staying in an off-site hotel to save money, as I have heard they do very good deals - maybe not quite as themed as the Disney hotels but definitely worth it if you're on a budget.

If you've got a breakfast included with that, it might be worth seeing if you can take some breakfast items out with you. At the Disney hotels they do a buffet-style breakfast and sometimes we take a few bread rolls or croissants out with us. It's quite nice to have a snack at about 11am and not worry about having to buy anything! Same with taking an empty plastic bottle with you and using the water fountains to save buying new drinks every time you get thirsty.

It also might be worth having one big meal and one smaller meal per day - if you eat loads at a buffet restaurant at lunchtime, then you can have a sandwich or something in the evening which will be a lot cheaper :)

Also - if you're not too fussy about when you go, some people sell their tickets on eBay, if they weren't able to take the trip or had spare tickets, etc. I haven't done this myself but it might be useful to have a little look, and see if there are any slightly cheaper tickets going?


Thanks for the tips I might look for a off site hotel
Feb 2007- Hotel Newport Bay
April 2013- Sequoia Lodge


Travelling from Belfast we have managed a 4 night trip for 6 adults 1 child, flights, hotels, tickets & transfers for £300 per adult booked it all through travel republic. Staying at Kyriad :)

3rd time going 3rd time booking with them, found their prices & customer care hard to beat.


I think the more you look into it, the better value you can get out of a trip to DLP.

I typically spend around £100 total per person on travel (flights and transfers etc) and by using the free kids deals, can do one adult one child (or up to 3 children) onsite for less than £300 total for 4 nights/5days.  So thats a total of £250 per person, for 5 days at DLP.

My daughter will be 12 years old this year, so will be treated as an adult at DLP, so from then, we'll be looking at onsite with an  annual pass, or offsite with 2 annual passes. For annual pass trips to work out cheaply though, you kind of have to use them more than once a year - which then bumps the price up of your "budget" trips lol.