NPB admirals floor

Started by jackieann, January 13, 2013, 04:47:44 PM

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Hello All

Just booked our 10th disney trip for August, staying in Newport Bay  admirals floor what does that mean if anthing??

never stayed before after peoples reports have been put off but people we are going with needed a family room...   any advice??



Hi, we stayed at NPBC Admirals floor for Christmas 2006. If memory serves me correctly, it was the top 2 floors in the hotel (think ours was floor 8 in the elevator) You get your own check in desk which is way over to the left hand side at the main reception which is quite handy especially if it's busy, you can order breakfast in your room (at a supplement but we liked it). We had Admirals floor, lake view room. ... dex.xhtml#

If you look at the center of the hotel under the big dome, there's a balcony in front of 3 sets of french window type things, our room was the one on the far left of the 3.

(ps - you can request certain rooms ;) )


I don't know why you would be put off staying at NPBC, we absolutely loved it unless of course there's been a dramatic change of service (which does tend to happen at DLP).


hi, Did you ask for lake side view?? Do you know where the family rooms are ??


that view would be lovely in the summer.. i want to stay in that room now!!


I had the exact opposite of the view from the Empire State Club in HNY lol


I haven't stayed here personally but from what i have heard is the grumbles being about the state of the hotel outside, a lot of people have liked staying here. General consensus is that it needs a re-furb just like the other hotels have been receiving.


There's little if no difference in the standard rooms but a limited room service is available at the Admirals floor(s). There is also a seperate check-in desk and sometimes breakfast is made available in the Captains Bar.
Although the Newport is not what it once was it's still a fine Hotel which just needs a paint-over ;)  but in my humble opnion it's still the best themed hotel around the lake and has without question the best swimming pool, if open :)