My 30th at disneyland paris jan 2014!

Started by jenjens84, January 08, 2013, 11:38:49 PM

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hello everyone!

i was just wondering if i could get some advise from people here about a trip i am planning for next january as i have seen they have a promotion of 30% off early bookings for 2014 and thought that that would be a great way to spend my 30th as i love disneyland paris and have been four times before. be granted that the first time i went when i was 11on a school trip and the last three times with my now 6 year old daughter.
The only thing is I havent been on my own meaning childless and  i have managed to get seven of my friends to come along too and we will be staying at either santa fe or hotel cheyenne so here goes the questions

1- will the bunk beds in hotel cheyenne fit adults length wise?!?
2-will the rooms be connected if i request so?
3-is there anything to do in the village for adults after the park closes as i know hurricane club is not open any more?
4-would it be better to go to val d europe for a few drinks at night and if so what is the last train back to disneyland
5-is it true that the train from cdg airport takes only 10min to get to disneyland and if so how much?
6- will non disney fanatics like disneyland paris as im worried a couple of my friends will not understand why i will be so excited to meet the characters lol


I can only help with some of the questions:
3) Buffalo Bills Wild West Show and Western at Billy Bobs  (Line dance, live music)
5) yea that's true, its TGV. Go to the trip planning section in this forum where you have all transportation options listed


I can try to help with some of your questions:

1. There's a weight limit on the bulk beds, I think they're really meant for children. I've never stayed there but we looked once to book there (we were 3 adults) and it wasn't really possible

3. In the village yes, as perollaz mentioned you have BBWWS and Billy Bobs. If you want a drink, you can also go to one of the bars in the hotels (personally I recommend the one at the Hotel New York) - you don't need to be s guest in a hotel to visit their bar (or restaurants). Also note that after a long day in the parks, you probably won't feel like doing much in the evening... We barely manage more than a nice dinner and a drink at the hotel bar.

4. Personally I would stay in Disney, mostly because usually we're too tired to do anything else...

6. YES :) I've been with friends who are not particularly Disney fans but still have a brilliant time, there are plenty of excellent rides to please everyone: Big Thunder Mountain, Phantom Manor, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Buzz Laserblast (that one's always a favourite), Tower of Terror, RnRC... Plus the magic I find it's quite contagious... ;) If they're really not bothered about meeting Mickey and the other characters, though, maybe consider splitting up, some people can do rides while others go to a character meet 'n' greet....


Quote from: "never2old"Also note that after a long day in the parks, you probably won't feel like doing much in the evening... We barely manage more than a nice dinner and a drink at the hotel

Oh yes this sounds familiar :-)
I never managed to go to Hurricans discotheque (it's now closed) because it opened at 23 o'clock and was way toooooo late after a day full of magic at the parc!


we are planning to stay at the sante fe  hotel now as i think that it would be easier, i also found out that we can get a transfer with prestige travel for a round trip for e25 each which is a lot cheaper and takes 30minutes to get to the park which seems less stressful to deal with.

i like the idea of splitting up to do with the characters as a couple of my friends find it scary that there are people wearing the costumes whereas i love having my pictures taken with the characters so i will be suggesting that.

when you say that you do not have to be staying at the resort hotels to enjoy the bars does that apply to the bars in the disney hotel as i have never been inside and it would be nice to go in there albeit a little depressing as we make our way back to the santa fe hotel!!!!


Yes, you can go to the bar (and restaurants) of the Disneyland Hotel, even if you're not staying there! It's beautiful in there, really worth the visit!