chhristmas tree lighting

Started by tinkerbell17, January 04, 2013, 07:56:07 PM

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Hi all my gf keeps asking me how theu pick the child to light the tree i keep telling i have no idea could any of you fine people let me if you or anyone you has had a child picked thanks in advance :mickey2:  :minnie:  :pluto:


The child is normally picked by a member of the guest flow team (CM's in the red jackets) and it is usually an only young child with a group (to not cause jealously within a family) and it is usually a child near the front stood just outside Town Square Photography :)
Working xmas 2012!!! \":D\"


Thanks for your reply benjy my gf always asked me the quistion as if i would know  :mickey2:  :minnie: all the answers