Best hotel for youngsters?

Started by DisneyDonna, December 21, 2012, 04:45:21 PM

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Next february I'm visiting with my friend. We are 18 en 17 at the time and now my question is, which hotel is the best for us youngsters? Obviously we don't have the budget to stay at the Disneyland Hotel, but what other hotels will be best for us? Thanks!


Personally i would say the sequoia if its within budget it has a pool and a water slide :) other than that having never stayed in the cheyanne, santa fe or hotel new york i cant comment :) thats my fave of the lot second to the disneyland hotel
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I would never recommend anyone stay at the Santa Fe it's awful!  Only stay there if youre going at the height of the summer and will be spending as little time in the hotel as possible.

HNY is very good.  The bar is great and retsuarants good, great atmosphere overall.


I would recommend the Cheyenne Hotel - it has great theming and it is a really lovely hotel and cheap too :)


I would have to disagree about the Santa Fe being awful, it is a lovely budget hotel  but i would agree the cheyenne would probably be better for people of your age. The others i can't comment on because i've not visited them, visiting the Sequoia in May.


Beeing one of the cheapest Disney hotels, Santa Fe and Cheyenne are maybe not the very best hotels, you still have what you normally need there. Now I haven't stayed at Cheyenne, but Santa Fe had what I needed the times I've stayed there.
If you can afford it, Sequoia could be better, regarding theme, but I would also say it depends on what you need, how much you can afford and what theme you want.
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captain rocket

I disagree with Jonathan, I have stayed at all the Disney and partner hotels and I believe that the Santa Fe represents good value for money, in Disney terms! I stayed there in late November and had a refurbed room and was delighted with it. Having said that, the Cheyenne has better theming.
My advice, on price, would be one of the partner hotels. I usually book the cheapest and have never had a problem with any of them. The money you would save could be enough to buy an annual passport and all the benefits that would confer on you.
Enjoy your visit.


I agree with Captain rocket, nothing wrong with Santa Fe, I actually   prefer it to the Sequoia Lodge, but Cheyenne is our on-site favourite.


I dont look for budget Im afraid.  But all things considered Id never recommend the Santa Fe to anyone.  Our stay there was bearable but nothing special.  The staff are useless and not helpful in the slightest, th food in the restaurant at all meals is just awful. The place looks like a concentration camp and it just made me feel dirty.

Of course everyone is different and I wouldnt knock anyone for staying there I just could bring myself to 'recommend' it.

If you're not too bothered by the surroundings you sleep in and if you intend to spend little time in the hotel (and with the distance Santa Fe is from the park you'd probably not be popping back anyway) then I guess Santa Fe could be bearable on a budget.


Thanks for all the tips! We are probably going to stay at Sequoia and maybe even New York if our budget allows it. Never once thought about Santa Fe because of all the things I heard about it.


As captain rocket says though the partner hotels can be a good idea.  I haent stayed at them but I know someone who stayed at the Explorers and liked it very much.


Hi , I would recommend to stay at Sequoia Lodge. It's the first/cheapest hotel with an swimming pool with a lovely  water slide and whirlpool :-)


it really depends on what you want from your hotel

do you want to stay long in your hotel?
a swimming pool maybe?

I say: Santa fe.
the breakfast time is better than cheyenne. (longer period of time to go and get breakfast)

+ it's closer to disney village, if you want to hang out late :)